Amal Clooney (Alamuddin)

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Amal Clloney is a Beirut-born lawyer who lives in London. She has worked with several high-profile clients including Julian Assange. She is married to George Clooney.


Born in Beiruit, Lebanon


Amal Ramzi Alamuddin is born in Beirut, Lebanon, Her mother Baria, is the foreign editor of Arab newspaper, al-Hayat. In her youth she was a newsreader on Lebanese television. Her father, Ramzi, is a retired professor of business studies at the American University of Beirut. According the the Daily Mail, Ramzi married outside the Druze faith. He met Baria in a nightclub in Beirut.

Her grandfather was a government minister. Her grandmother is said to be the first woman graduate of the American University in Beirut. She has three younger siblings; a sister, Tala, and two brothers Samer and Ziad. Her cousin is Rima Alamuddin, a poet who was tragically shot dead, aged only 22, by a disgruntled boyfriend while on holiday in Lebanon from her studies at Cambridge University.

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