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28 Oct, 2014

To remain in psychiatric hospital

Bynes is to remain in a psychiatric hospital for another 30 days. Bynes’ doctors secretly tell the judge overseeing her case that she is too ill to leave. Source:

She is in for another 30 days, minimum.

10 Oct, 2014

Accuses dad of abuse

Bynes accuses her father Rick Bynes of verbal, physical and sexual abuse because of the microchip in her brain. She also accuses him of asking her for sex and fondling himself in front of her.

Parents seek mental health treatment

Bynes is leaving New York City after learning her parents were planning to go to NYC to get her in a mental health facility. Bynes is ordered out of LaGuardia airport for screaming at a ticket agent and retreats to JFK airport. TMZ:

Amanda’s parents can’t find her.

Retracts claims of abuse

Bynes retracts comments made on Twitter accusing her father of physical and mental abuse after her mother makes a statement denying the accusations. Bynes blames the accusations on a microchip in her brain. Bynes’ mother’s statement:

I am heartbroken today for my husband of 47 years. Rick has been the best father and husband a family can ask for. He has never abused Amanda or our other children physically or sexually. These accusations are absolutely horrible and could not be further from the truth! These allegations stem from Amanda’s mental state at the moment. They have no basis in reality. It saddens me beyond belief that my husband’s character could be slandered in such a way.


My dad never did any of those things The microchip in my brain made me say those things but he’s the one that ordered them to microchip me.

Under involuntary psychiatric care

Bynes is placed under involuntary psychiatric hold at a hospital in Pasedena. Upon arrival at LAX from New York, Bynes believes she is going to meet her parents, but instead is taken directly to the hospital. A source close to the family:

Her parents are a complete emotional wreck. They are looking for any avenue to save their daughter. It is extremely sad.

8 Oct, 2014

Suspected of shoplifting

Barneys New York calls the NYPD when Bynes leaves the store wearing a hat she hasn’t purchased. Bynes signs a no-trepass affidavit, banning her from the store. NYPD spokesperson:

Police responded to a petit larceny. Amanda Bynes placed a hat on her head and left the store. Security brought her back in and called the police, but the security decided to release her … She was gone when the NYPD arrived on the scene.


“I was walking out of the store to get my handbag out of the car. I had been harassed by a man – a man and this woman were basically trying to take my picture inside the store, and so I asked them to stop taking it, but they wouldn’t … They were like paparazzi but undercover. I walked out of the store, and the sensor went off. I didn’t realize I was wearing my cap. And the cap – I was purchasing it, and I was actually still shopping. I basically just had to leave. They said, ‘Please, just don’t shop at Barneys anymore.’ But oh well. It’s fine.

7 Oct, 2014

Moving to New York

Bynes announces on her Twitter account, that has been silent since May, that she is moving from Los Angeles to New York.

Baynes, who is serving three years probation for a DUI arrest in 2012, could face jail time if she leaves Los Angeles.

Don’t believe anything the tabloids are saying about me. They dislike me for some odd reason & they continue to insult me everyday. Treat others how you want to be treated. The truth will set you free. I’m transferring to NYU or Columbia from FIDM to study psychology, so you’ll see me in New York if you live here but I HATE stalkers!

6 Oct, 2014

Claims to be engaged

Bynes claims to be engaged to Caleb, a 19-year-old employee of a bait shop. Bynes is wearing what appears to be an engagement ring on her ring finger.

I am very needy for friendship and I hate men. I want to f— them, but I can now say I’m engaged — get away from me. I want to be married and I want to be away from people.

29 Sep, 2014

Arrested for DUI


Bynes is arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs in Sherman Oaks, CA. A California Highway Patrol officer sees Bynes run a red light then stop in the middle of an intersection. California Highway Patrol spokesman Leland Tang:

She ran a red light and stopped in the middle of (a) T-shaped intersection. Our officer observed her, and she appeared under the influence. She was unable to complete field sobriety tests, at which point she was taken to our station.

1 Feb, 2010

Maxim cover

Magazine Cover

mx_sweet16_feb10_amanda_slide_0Bynes appears on the cover of the February 2010 issue of Maxim magazine. She talks about wanting the world to see her as grown up.

I want to show people who I am. My parents were like, “Does this mean you’re gonna do sexy movies now?” I said, “Well, if they’re done the right way, then maybe!” I mean, I’m not gonna do porn, but if it’s a Leonardo DiCaprio movie or whatever…

14 Sep, 2007

Rachael Ray Show interview


Bynes chats about being funny at home and in entertainment, her Dear clothing line and her film Sydney White. 

I moved out when I was 19 and got an apartment in New York City and after a year I just got lonely. When I turned 20 I moved back home.

Amanda Bynes on Rachael Ray Show

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