Amanda Bynes

Suspected of shoplifting

8 Oct, 2014

Barneys New York calls the NYPD when Bynes leaves the store wearing a hat she hasn’t purchased. Bynes signs a no-trepass affidavit, banning her from the store. NYPD spokesperson:

Police responded to a petit larceny. Amanda Bynes placed a hat on her head and left the store. Security brought her back in and called the police, but the security decided to release her … She was gone when the NYPD arrived on the scene.


“I was walking out of the store to get my handbag out of the car. I had been harassed by a man – a man and this woman were basically trying to take my picture inside the store, and so I asked them to stop taking it, but they wouldn’t … They were like paparazzi but undercover. I walked out of the store, and the sensor went off. I didn’t realize I was wearing my cap. And the cap – I was purchasing it, and I was actually still shopping. I basically just had to leave. They said, ‘Please, just don’t shop at Barneys anymore.’ But oh well. It’s fine.

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