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Amanda Nunes

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Amanda Nunes is a Brazilian mixed martial artist, born in Salvador, Bahia in 1998.

31 Jan, 2017

Nunes issues public apology to Rousey


Nunes issues an apology to Rusey over things she said after their fight.

Let me take a moment to explain myself. I was overwhelmed with adrenaline, emotion and hurt at the time. I held so much in during the weeks prior to my fight with Ronda. I might have said or posted some things at the time that I now realize was not the right thing to do. I want to apologize to Ronda. Her fans and mine and the UFC as well. Ronda is an amazing athlete and has done so much for this sport, especially for the women.


20 Jan, 2017

Nunes: Rousey can come back

Makes Statement

Nunes, speaking of her own experience in past defeats, says Rousey can come back.

I already passed this moment in my career. It’s harder to lose but if you be strong, you’ll be able to come back like I did. Make some changes, adjust. The passion in her life, the family has to be with her. The base is very important. Make some changes in her camp, move to another gym and come back strong.

She also says she was surprised Rousey continued to trade blows with her.

I think it was ego. “I knew she was gonna try to strike with me and I think that was the completely wrong strategy to fight a girl like me.

16 Jan, 2017

Nunes: I’m the female Conor McGregor

Makes Statement

Arriving at LAX, Nunes says she is pound-for-pound better than McGregor.

Yes, for sure. I am am a well-rounded fighter. Wherever the fight goes I am competent. Stand up. Ground game. I will do it if the UFC gives me the opportunity. Let me grow!

About Rousey:

[I haven’t spoken to Ronda]. This is the best moment for her to be with her family. This is MMA. This is our job. We cannot say sorry. We signed a contract. [If she wanted to talk to me, I would] why not?

5 Jan, 2017

Nunes: Rousey ‘has always been overrated’

Makes Statement

Nunes says Rousey is overrated.

I don’t know how Ronda Rousey went too far in this division. Honest. I don’t know how those girls lost to Ronda Rousey. I knew since my first fight in UFC, that I can beat Ronda Rousey. That day was the day to prove to everybody that I could do it…She is [overrated] for sure.

31 Dec, 2016

Post-fight intervew


Nunes is interviewed after her win over Rousey.

When I connect to her with my jab I knew she was going to go down…I trained for everything she bring today. If she come forward, try to  take me down, I’d be ready for everything… If she doesn’t know how to make changes to her game she’s not a real fighter.

30 Dec, 2016

Nunes defeats Rousey

Wins Sport Event

Nunes retains the bantamweight championship, defeating Rousey in 48 seconds with a TKO.

I am dedicated fighter and I had my team behind me. All those guys have made me an amazing fighter and brought me onto another level. This is my moment. She had her time, she done her actress parts – thank you Ronda Rousey but right now I am the champion. I prepared my mind, body and spirit. I know they love Rousey but I was ready for this fight. I trained for this girl since my first fight in UFC. I am the best on the planet…I knew I was going to beat the shit out of Rousey like that.


24 Dec, 2016

Will not take part in UFC 207 media activities

Makes Statement

The UFC says neither Rousey nor current titleholder Nunes will take part in the week’s lone media session, Wednesday’s Ultimate Media Day, which is closed to the public. Ultimate Media Day will instead feature the remaining UFC 207 main-card fighters. Both fighters will, however, appear at the official weigh-in.

20 Dec, 2016

Nunes cancels lunch due to illness


Nunes cancels a media lunch due to illness. It is reported that she will have recovered by the time of her fight with Rousey, in two weeks.

23 Nov, 2016

UFC 207 official promo


Rousey and Nunes appear in the official promo for UFC 207. Rousey:

Fighting is the most important thing in the world so I have to keep going.


Ronda had her time. Now is my time.

22 Sep, 2016

Eyeing December return to Octagon

Makes Statement

Coach Tarverdyan says a Rousey fight with reigning UFC bantamweight champion Nunes has been discussed for Dec. 30 in Las Vegas, but that no decision has been made yet as Rousey works her way back into form following a minor knee surgery this summer. He also confirms that Rousey has been training for the past month in preparation for a comeback but does not promise it would be before the end of the year.

There have been talks about her coming back, but we haven’t made a final decision yet. There’s a chance she fights to get her belt back this year, but nothing is set yet. If we do make a comeback this year, we will. If not we will make it next year. We want to thank all our fans for being patient. When she does come back, we promise the best Ronda Rousey that anyone has ever seen.

What's this? This is an unbiased just-the-facts news timeline ('newsline') about Amanda Nunes, created by Newslines' contributors. Help us grow it by finding and summarising news. Learn more