Amy Mandelbaum

Amy Mandelbaum1 post
4 Aug, 2014

Shape Magazine interview


Mandelbaum gives an interview to Shape Magazine about gaining a spot on a professional sports team with out a fitness background.

It was kind of a happy accident I’ve always been in shape, but for a long time I was one of those women who ate lettuce and ran or took different classes at the gym, and that was it. When I was 42, a friend suggested I try CrossFit, and one of the coaches there saw my potential. He suggested we work together, and two months later I entered and placed second in my first competition. After that I really committed myself, and once I turned 45 I was able to start competing in the Masters division at the CrossFit Games. I’ve been lucky enough to get great sponsors, and one of my sponsors (Nutriforce Sports) is owned by the company that also owns my team, the New York Rhinos.

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