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23 Feb, 2014

VOC Nation Radio interview


Kamala talks about working with Andre the Giant in WWE:

Andre wasn’t the friendly guy that he appeared to be. He was real temperamental and had a nasty attitude. When I first started working with him, he called me a (derogatory) name in the ring and I beat him up. After that, I never had another problem with him. A lot of (top guys had problems with Andre too). He would just go out and mop the floor with people. He treated (wrestlers) nasty, and the fans too. Andre would do it just about every night. Guys would watch through the curtain to see what he was going to do.

18 Feb, 2013 interview


Roberts speaks about working with Andre the Giant in WWE:

To have that opportunity, to have him go out there and do the job that he did with me I am grateful. By the time I wrestled him his health was failing, he couldn’t get around easily, he had trouble moving and it was damn near impossible if he was down to get him back up. Working with all of those things I was also very proud of myself and my work with him.

19 May, 1946

Andre the Giant born in Grenoble, France


Andre (Andre Rene Roussimoff) is born in Grenoble, France. He begins to deal with gigantism as a boy, reaching six feet and three inches by age twelve. At age seventeen he moves to Paris to begin training for professional wrestling.

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