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Jake Roberts

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Jake Roberts is a retired American professional wrestler born in 1955 in Gainesville, Texas. He was known as The Snake and he brought snakes to the ring before his matches.  During his career, he wrestled in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Mid-South Wrestling (MSW), World Championship Wrestling (WCW), and the NationalWrestling Alliance (NWA). Titles he has won include the Mid-South North American Title, NWA World Television Title, SMW Heavyweight Title, and WCCW Television Title. In 2014, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

3 Sep, 2014

Hospitalization update


Bodhi posts update on Roberts’ hospitalization and recovery on Facebook.

UPDATE on Jake The Snake Roberts: Great news!… Docs took Jake off ventilator way earlier then expected! He is kicking ass on his spirometer breathing tests…If he keeps up this pace he will not need to go back on Ventilator so everyone please cross your fingers! Jake finally can speak for the first time since last Wed… Late last night (while still ventilated & unable to speak) one of the male nurses took a bandage off of Jake’s neck where they have tubes for his meds… It was so unpleasant to Jake he wrote on the pad they gave him three letters… DDT… Even though Jake is off of the ventilator for the time being he will be monitored for 24-48 hours before docs decide if it is safe to keep him off.

18 Jul, 2014

Talk is Jericho interview


DDP and Roberts are guests on Talk is Jericho to discuss DDPYoga, accountability and sober living. Roberts comments on sobriety.

The big thing that getting healthy has given me back is the ability to dream and hope again. That had all died. Nobody knows the pain and suffering that goes into the addict’s way of life. People think, “They’re still getting screwed up they must be happy!” No… that’s not the way it works.

12 May, 2014

Piper’s Pit interview


Roberts is a guest on Piper’s Pit to discuss DDP, sobriety and the past behavior.

There was no internet and no computers then. We wouldn’t last fifteen minutes today acting the way we did and still get work in wrestling.

9 Apr, 2014

Ross Report interview


Roberts is a guest on The Ross Report to discuss regional promotions, NWA, WCW and sobriety.

For so many years I struggled with addiction and other issues and I finally got them under control. I doctor them daily. If you can beat addiction, you can beat anything.

13 Dec, 2013

Pro Wrestling Powerhouse interview


Roberts talks to Pro Wrestling Powerhouse about wanting to teach wrestling psychology and his new book.

I’ve written a book. I’ve got 600 pages into a book, actually. I just started into the WWE, so that tells you that the book is going to be pretty thick. Instead of going with a book the weighs 50 lbs, we’re going to break this into three parts…a trilogy type of thing.

26 Nov, 2013

WGD Weekly interview


Roberts speaks to WGD Weekly about TNA and what he’d do if he purchased it.

I got all the thoughts, bro. There ain’t nobody better at that. I would make it simple, there would be good guys and there would be bad guys. There wouldn’t be no bullshit and there wouldn’t be twenty minute interviews. We would actually, ‘rassle…the world needs it, man.

18 Feb, 2013

Wrestling101.com interview


Roberts speaks about working with Andre the Giant in WWE:

To have that opportunity, to have him go out there and do the job that he did with me I am grateful. By the time I wrestled him his health was failing, he couldn’t get around easily, he had trouble moving and it was damn near impossible if he was down to get him back up. Working with all of those things I was also very proud of myself and my work with him.

12 Dec, 2012

The Art of Wrestling interview


Roberts is a guest on The Art of Wrestling to discuss alcoholism and not using his real hometown in wrestling.

I’ve climbed Stone Mountain. It’s too far to walk. I hated my hometown. Gainesville, Georgia. Stone Mountain just sounds cool.

14 Aug, 2012

WrestlingINC.com interview


Roberts speaks about his matches with Savage in WWE:

With Randy? He’s a psychotic son of a b—h, man. He was nuts. I love Randy to death but he was a psycho. You had to ground him. What I’d do is I’d go out and lean on him during the early part of the match until he got tired. Then, once he got tired, he was much more sensible in terms of what we were doing.

30 May, 1955

Jake Roberts born in Gainesville, Ga.


Roberts (Aurelian Smith Jr) is born in Gainesville, Georgia. He develops an interest in professional wrestling as a young man and begins his career as a referee with Mid-South Wrestling. He later makes his wrestling debut for the company.

What's this? This is an unbiased just-the-facts news timeline ('newsline') about Jake Roberts, created by Newslines' contributors. Help us grow it by finding and summarising news. Learn more