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TNA is a professional wrestling company owned and operated by The Carter family. The brand offers television tapings of live events and pay-per-views.

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13 Dec, 2014

Announces new TV show

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Carter takes to Twitter to announce TNA will air a new television program on their TV home home at Destination America. The program is titled TNA Unlocked and will air on Saturday, January 17th of 2015.

12 Dec, 2014

Debut on Destination America press release

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TNA issues a press release including details on their Destination America television debut.

Destination America welcomes IMPACT WRESTLING with a marathon on Wednesday, January 7 from 9 AM-9 PM ET, looking back at the biggest moments and most heated rivalries, leading into the special live broadcast from 9-11 PM ET. IMPACT WRESTLING on Destination America premieres in its permanent time slot Friday nights from 9-11 PM ET starting January 16, immediately followed by an encore from 11 PM-1 AM ET. Miss a matchup or just cant get enough? Check out IMPACT WRESTLING: UNLOCKED on Saturdays from 10 AM-12 PM ET beginning January 17 for a reloaded edition of the previous weeks IMPACT WRESTLING that will be a whole new viewing experience featuring extra content and never-before-seen footage.

10 Dec, 2014

Huffington Post interview

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The American Wolves talk to the Huffington Post to discuss if they have any future plansto leave TNA for WWE. Richards responds:

I’m extremely happy where I’m at right now. I can never say never. I can tell you that I’d never go into their developmental system and I’m not saying that because I think I’m better than anyone there (I would say the developmental system has better talent than the actual roster). It’s not conducive to my lifestyle and that’s all. I’m not trying to put down their product, I have nothing bad to say to them but I’m happy where I’m at. I kind of lost my fire for wrestling and being in TNA, I got that fire back.

4 Dec, 2014

Huffington Post interview

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Carter talks to the Huffington Post about TNA’s new television deal and goals for 2015.

My big focus for 2015 is to further distinguish our product from anybody else’s out there. What can we do better and what have we been doing great that we can take to another level. We’re going to be announcing in the coming weeks some realty exciting changes to our show and that’s a big part – trying to make our brand much more distinctive than not just WWE but other wrestling companies around the world.

3 Dec, 2014

Main Event Radio interview

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Abyss talks to Main Event Radio about his time in TNA, working with James Mitchell and young talent in TNA.

 TNA has a bunch of guys who are on the cusp of breaking through. Ethan Carter, EC3, I really think is a star. A guy who has great acumen and awareness. Everything he does he strives for perfection. The Bromans are two great athletes, an incredible tag team together. Rockstar Spud. We have a good group of young guys who are really making their mark and are going to continue to.

The Swerve interview

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Angle is a guest on The Swerve to discuss Sting, Hulk Hogan and deciding to stay with TNA.

At this point in my career, I can’t really do a full-time schedule. I need to look at how they want to take care of me, what they want to do with me, what’s important to them should be important to me and everything I do has meaning. Most important is the invested interest. Secondly, making sure I keep my life straight and that I spend time with my family. Thirdly is basically financial situation. It’s not that I’m in dire need of money. Thank god I made a lot in this business. At the same time, the amount of money speaks volumes with what they want to do with you and how they want to utilize you. is the money important for a financial standpoint? No. Is it important on how important you are to the company? Yes. I want to make sure it’s a best suit for me.

25 Nov, 2014

Final Spike TV airings press release

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TNA issues a press release on the final airings of IMPACT on Spike TV. The final three episodes will not be live events but compilation episodes featuring the best matches of TNA history. Carter comments:

For the past 9 years, TNA and Spike have partnered to deliver the best professional wrestling in the world to our fans week in and week out. Before the move to our new home on Destination America in January, we wanted the final four episodes on Spike to celebrate the best moments for this incredible year of IMPACT and the greatest moments in TNA’s history.

First tapings for new channel set

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TNA wrestling announces it’s first official round of television tapings for new home, Destination America, will take place January 7th, 8th and 9th at the Manhattan Center in New York. Carter comments:

With the explosive sold-out crowds in New York City this past summer, returning to the Manhattan Center for three huge events as IMPACT WRESTLING debuts on Destination America was an easy decision

21 Nov, 2014

Thanksgiving Throwdown announcement

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TNA announces they will air a Thanksgiving special event on their Youtube channel on Wednesday, November 26th at 8:00 pm. The event will be hosted by Borash and will feature highlights of IMPACT’s greatest matches.

Issues statement on TNA departure

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Spike TV issues a statement on parting ways with TNA Wrestling .

Our partnership with TNA Wrestling will officially come to an end with our last telecast on December 24. Dixie Carter and her team have been incredible partners to work with over the past 9 years, delivering high-action entertainment and strong ratings. As Spike continues to evolve into a network reaching a broader audience, we continue to look across our schedule to find opportunities to add original scripted and non-scripted programming that appeals to a wider demographic. On behalf of everyone at Spike, we would like to wish Dixie and TNA all the best and continued success.

Announces new television deal

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TNA and Discovery Communications issue a press release on TNA moving to the Destination America channel in January of 2015. The release reads:

Our partnership in this uniquely entertaining franchise with TNA IMPACT WRESTLING provides a significant addition to Destination America’s programming strategy. The enduring, cross-generational enthusiasm of pro wrestling is felt by millions of fans around the country, from coast-to-coast and throughout the heartland.  We are delighted to bring this beloved American pastime to the one and only network dedicated to celebrating the unique spirit of the U.S., Destination America.

12 Nov, 2014

V2 Wrestling interview

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Hernandez is a guest on the V2 Wrestling podcast to discuss his time in TNA and his thoughts on the company.

As long as the Carters have billions of dollars, that company will never go away. I just think the infrastructure just needs, you know, how you snake a toilet? They have Jeff Hardy, you had Sting, Kurt Angle, the best up and coming talent (like) Austin Aries, Roode, Styles, all these guys that could do anything, and you let every former WWE employee that served coffee to Vince McMahon try to be the boss time after time after time.

23 Oct, 2014

Sports Vibe interview

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Kim talks to Sports Vibe about TNA transitioning back to a six-sided ring.

People don’t like change. I was fortunate enough to wrestle in that ring before so I knew it was going to take time to get used to. We’re still getting used to it. But honestly, we left it to the fans and it was certainly an overwhelming decision. I think it makes us different but at the beginning when we got it back, we could feel it physically on our bodies. Luckily, we have a great ring crew and we addressed the issue by working on it for us. It’s great now and it’s just a matter of getting used to where you are in the ring. I honestly think in a couple months nobody will realize.

21 Oct, 2014

Under the Mat Radio interview

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Omega talks to Under the Mat radio about his time in WWE and how Japanese fans would react to TNA.

Not to knock TNA but there’s too much hokey talking and segments that don’t really involve wrestling. Of course everyone in TNA speaks English so if there’s an angle going on they won’t be able to understand it. TNA has a talented roster but when I looked at it seems as if everyone was rushing it’s like the time is given to the talking and when it happens in the ring everyone rushes to the finish. In Japan it’s the opposite when you talk make it quick and tell your story in the match.

19 Oct, 2014

Digital Spy interview

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Snow talks to Digital Spy about TNA returning to using a six sided wrestling ring.

The six-sided ring is not that controversial to me. I don’t know what the controversy is. It’s two more sides. I think it’s a great identifier for TNA. You’re flipping through the TV channels and you see it, it stands out. It looks different, catches your attention. It might captivate somebody to watch for a few moments, and who knows, we may have another audience member.