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11 Sep, 2014

Busted Open interview


Melendez talks to Busted Open about his dreams as a child, his service in the United States military and professional wrestling.

The military was where I was going to go, that was my goal. I could remember I was in high school at the time my father was working in downtown Manhattan, were the World Trade Centers were and couldn’t get into contact with him for several hours, and we eventually met back at the house, and all I could remember was him covered head to toe in white debris and that image really burned into my mind, and just looking at him standing in the door way and it infuriated me because they brought the fight over here, and I am like I am going to bring it back over to you. It just added fuel to the fire more for me to get into the military.

30 Jul, 2014

Signs Melendez


Talent Relations announces the signing of Chris Melendez who trained at the Team 3D Wrestling Academy. The former Army Sergeant lost his leg in an IED explosion while deployed in Iraq.

TNA Wrestling is happy to announce the signing of a true American hero! Chris Melendez is a former Army Sergeant, who served his country in Afghanistan and was awarded a Purple Heart. Because of injuries suffered in combat, the brave soldier returned home a single leg amputee. Melendez, a member of the Wounded Warrior Project, had another dream to realize when he returned home. He dreamed of becoming a pro wrestler.

12 Aug, 1982

Chris Melendez born in Brooklyn, NY


Melendez is born in Brooklyn, New York. He develops an early interest in the military and professional wrestling.

I was always attracted to it, these larger-than-life characters. I could see myself being one of them one day.

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