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12 Nov, 2014

V2 Wrestling interview

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Hernandez is a guest on the V2 Wrestling podcast to discuss his time in TNA and his thoughts on the company.

As long as the Carters have billions of dollars, that company will never go away. I just think the infrastructure just needs, you know, how you snake a toilet? They have Jeff Hardy, you had Sting, Kurt Angle, the best up and coming talent (like) Austin Aries, Roode, Styles, all these guys that could do anything, and you let every former WWE employee that served coffee to Vince McMahon try to be the boss time after time after time.

20 Aug, 2013

Houston Wrestling Radio interview

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Hernandez talks to Houston Wrestling Radio  about his career highlights and breaking into TNA.

I basically took chances. I was the top draw in Houston for two or three years. My pockets weren’t getting any bigger. And unfortunately for pro-wrestling, it’s not a team sport. If you want to make it, you have to go out there and take chances. Necro Butcher taught me that first-hand. He left Houston. He made his name on the east coast doing hardcore stuff. I did it the hard way. I went to Japan three or four times, I went to Mexico. I wrestled there with a mask when TNA called me.

10 Mar, 2013

Roode & Aries vs Bad Influence vs Guerrero & Herandez – Tag Team Titles

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Roode and Aries retain the TNA World Tag Team Championships by defeating Guerrero, Hernandez and Bad Influence in triple threat tag team action at Lockdown. Roode picks up the pinfall victory over Daniels at seventeen minutes.

7 Feb, 2013

Guerrero & Hernandez vs Roode & Aries – Tag Team Titles

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Roode and Aries defeat Guerrero and Hernandez to obtain the TNA World Tag Team Championships on IMPACT. Aries picks up the pinfall victory over Guerrero after delivering a 450 splash at seventeen minutes and forty-five seconds.

9 Dec, 2012

Guerrero & Hernandez vs Morgan & Ryan – Tag Team Titles

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Guerrero and Hernandez face Morgan and Ryan at Final Resolution to defend the TNA Tag Team Championships. The match ends via disqualification when Morgan pulls the referee out of the ring during a pinfall attempt by Guerrero on Ryan. Guerrero and Hernandez retain the championships.

6 Sep, 2012

Bad Influence vs Guerrero & Hernandez – Tag Team titles

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Bad Influence defeats Guerrero and Hernandez in tag team action on the special “Championship Thursday” edition of IMPACT to retain the Tag Team Championships. Kazarian picks up the pinfall victory over Hernandez after Daniels strikes him with a championship belt at fourteen minutes and thirty-six seconds.

14 Jun, 2012

Devon vs Hernandez – TV title

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Devon defeats Hernandez in singles competition on IMPACT to retain the TNA Television Championship. Devon picks up the pinfall victory after delivering a spinebuster at three minutes and thirty-three seconds.