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17 Dec, 2014 interview


Guerrero is interviewed by He discusses fans criticizing former WWE stars working in Lucha Underground.

If they couldn’t do that style, I would see the difference. If they pushed a guy with big name brand recognition who can’t do lucha libre, who is kind of just adding name value, I would see people getting upset. But you have a John Morrison, who can do things in the ring that a lot of even the Latino luchadors can’t. So it’s not like he’s a charity case.

19 May, 2014

Piper’s Pit interview


Guerrero is a guest on Piper’s Pit to discuss road stories, bar fights and working hard in wrestling.

You know there’s always someone who’s got your number. No matter where you go or where you’re at… there’s always someone who is better than you.

5 Feb, 2014

Talk is Jericho interview


Guerrero is a guest on Talk is Jericho to discuss the life of a professional wrestler and Eddie Guerrero.

Our (he and Eddie) dream as kids was not to be Heavyweight Champions of the World. We wanted to be the Tag Team Champions of the world. We’d get my dad’s and uncle’s tag team belts and pretend we were the Tag Team Champions of the World. So that was our goal. To be the Tag Team champions.


17 Oct, 2013

Daily Star interview


Guerrero talks to The Daily Star about what Eddie would think of the current WWE product.

I don’t think he’d like it too much the way it is now, because it is hard for a young wrestler to get that seasoned experience. You can disguise it all you want with explosions and pyro and entrances, but when it comes down to it in the ring, it’s you and that other person. That’s it.

12 Nov, 2012 interview


Guerrero Jr. talks about being a part of the cruiserweight division in WCW:

People had never really seen that style of wrestling, that wasn’t just flying but was wrestling and brawling and just different stuff that I really attribute to bringing in Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero. They all came from Japan, they had been in Mexico, they had been in ECW, those three had been everywhere together and were used to wrestling all those different styles.

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