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World Championship Wrestling is a now defunct wrestling promotion that competed with WWE in the 1990’s until Vince McMahon purchased the company and assumed all rights to the product.

2 Oct, 2014

Sportingnews.com interview


Morris talks to Sportingnews.com about NXT, WWE 2K15 and Triple H.

It’s (WWE 2K15) unbelievable. It’s the red wall. You see our banners. You see the seven rings. You’re in the performance center with us, with me, and that’s an honor. I love the fact that the performance center is represented and I get to represent that. That side of what these superstars do to become NXT superstars and to WWE superstars and to WrestleMania.

14 Jul, 2014

Busted Open Radio interview


Dillon sits down with Busted Open Radio to discuss WCW and the WWE Hall of Fame.

When I first started I was a fan. It was in the late 50s and I thought I could become a professional wrestler and appear at Madison Square Garden. The Hall Of Fame at that point was Baseball in Cooperstown. There was no wrestling hall of fame.

4 Jun, 2014

WrestlingINC.com interview


Russo discusses why he left WWE for WCW in 1999:

It was a couple of things. I was burnt out and didn’t appreciate Vince adding SmackDown without a heads-up or help. Number two, Vince was adding a show that would bring in millions of dollars in revenue and our salary did not go up one cent. I went into Vince’s office at that point and I was starting to breakdown because he was milking me dry. Part of what I was telling Vince is that I’m away from home, my kids are young, I wasn’t seeing my kids at all, and I was neglecting my wife. I’ll never forget Vince looked me in the eyes and said ‘I don’t know what the problem is. I pay you enough money to hire a nanny to take care of your kids. When he said that to me as a man, father, and husband, that was the end of the line.

21 May, 2014

Ross Report interview


Goldberg is a guest on The Ross Report to discuss WCW, his streak and early interest in professional wrestling.

Nothing brings back better memories than sitting in my grandma’s swivel chair, watching Texas Championship Wrestling with her at 10:30

19 May, 2014

Piper’s Pit interview


Guerrero is a guest on Piper’s Pit to discuss road stories, bar fights and working hard in wrestling.

You know there’s always someone who’s got your number. No matter where you go or where you’re at… there’s always someone who is better than you.

11 May, 2014

Wrestling101.com interview


Vader gives his thoughts about his tenure in WCW:

I don’t really remember how long I was in WCW for but it was a great time of my career flying in and out of Atlanta. I felt during that time my wrestling knowledge, skills and physicality had caught up with each other – I was young and strong, able to wrestle hard and long, it all just kind of fell into place during my time in WCW.

8 May, 2014

Steve Austin Show guest

Bischoff is a guest on the Steve Austin Show to discuss WCW, Dusty Rhodes and Kevin Nash as head booker. Austin releases statement.

Eric Bischoff is back… and this time he’s talking WCW – how he ended up running the show, the Monday Night wars with WWF, having Dusty Rhodes book, adding Kevin Nash to the roster, and the real reason he fired Steve Austin! Plus, nWo and Hulk Hogan stories!

7 May, 2014

Steve Austin Show interview


Bischoff talks to The Steve Austin Show WCW and his rise to power in the company.

I was passionate and I felt it. I believed in it. I believed in myself. I’ve been passionate about wrestling since I was a little kid and I was passionate about my approach to it. And the solution that I had, especially given that Turner had identified as their problem, which was not wanting any more wrestling guys running a television company. So, it worked.

19 Mar, 2014

The Art of Wrestling interview


Bagwell is a guest on The Art of Wrestling to discuss his tenure in WCW and hazing in the locker room.

I’ve had cold water dumped on my head in very shower I’ve ever taken. I didn’t sell it, I didn’t say a word. I just shut my mouth. Because I knew my place. I was the new guy.

11 Nov, 2013

The Art of Wrestling interview


Storm is a guest on The Art of Wrestling to discuss his wrestling career and his serious guy gimmick.

Everyone knows me as me. I’m the guy who never smiles and never has fun. A lot of my serious nature comes from being somewhat shy and reserved. The longer people get to know me, the more I get out of my shell and they all claim to be the one who got me out of my shell.

23 Oct, 2013

The Art of Wrestling interview


South is a guest on The Art of Wrestling to discuss wrestling in the 80’s and almost quitting wrestling training early on.

I was bleeding from my nose, I ripped my blue jeans, I threw up. The old guys got a hold of me and they tied me up and left me in a corner. they were laughing. They didn’t want you in the business. Back then the older guys thought, “If I let this kid in… he’s gonna take my spot.” I crawled out, jumped in my old trans am and left. I said I’d never go back and I hate professional wrestling. The next day I got off work and I went straight back.

17 Aug, 2013

Wrestlingmania.com interview


Luger talks to Wrestlingmania.com about his WCW debut on the very first Monday Night Nitro.

On reflection, that was a pretty bad move by me. Me and Vince had a verbal agreement. I worked for him for 6 months without any sort of contract as my contract had expired. My mistake came when WCW signed me. I didn’t get to have a conversation with Vince to tell him I’d be leaving. But that was 100% my fault.

22 Jul, 2013

Wrestling101.com interview


Hall speaks about being a part of the nWo in WCW:

I had no idea the NWO thing was going to work, I knew I was going to be getting good money, and I knew I would be getting days off. I thought creatively it might not be that satisfying, I had no idea all that stuff was going to work, Kev didn’t know, Hulk didn’t know, Bischoff didn’t know, so it was really pleasing that it blew up like that. In my mind when things happen organically they are way better, with the NWO we were making it up, it was live TV every Monday, sometimes we didn’t know what we were going to do till five minutes before we went on air.

8 Jul, 2013

Wrestling101.com interview


Ross talks about working as an announcer for WCW:

My time in Atlanta was great, I went to Atlanta first for Jim Crockett and I was only doing television so my schedule was very light. Crockett then got into financial problems and that’s when Ted Turner brought the brand and they wanted me to move to Atlanta, which I did, I lived in Atlanta from the late eighties to 1993 so for about five years and Atlanta was one of my favourite place to live and I was doing stuff with the Atlanta Falcon’s Football team.

29 Mar, 2013

Pro Wrestling Radio interview


Koloff speaks about what he first thought about the wrestling industry when he entered it:

Well, it was somewhat, or quite overwhelming initially, early on you know cause I didn’t have the experience that the other guys had or gone through a camp or something of that nature. I was fortunate and blessed to have the ability to adjust to it quickly, and what we did for the next couple months is, we’d get to the towns and I’d have on the job training. Uncle Ivan and Don Kernodle would work out with me and then I’d have a single match that would last about 13 seconds again and they’d have a world tag title match and I’d sit in their corner and I’d sit in my corner and that’s just how it evolved.

10 Feb, 2013

Wrestling101.com interview


Steiner speaks about competing in the tag team division of WCW in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s:

After a while it all started to sink in going to WCW and the WWF at the time, looking back it was an honour to be in the ring with The Freebirds, The Road Warriors, Doom, The Skyscrapers. There were a lot of good tag teams back then, tag team wrestling was an exciting element of the show they put on and we were just fortunate to be around in an era when tag team wrestling was still considered a main part of the show.

12 Nov, 2012

Wrestling101.com interview


Guerrero Jr. talks about being a part of the cruiserweight division in WCW:

People had never really seen that style of wrestling, that wasn’t just flying but was wrestling and brawling and just different stuff that I really attribute to bringing in Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero. They all came from Japan, they had been in Mexico, they had been in ECW, those three had been everywhere together and were used to wrestling all those different styles.

10 Oct, 2012

Wrestling101.com interview


Booker T talks about the last episode of WCW Monday Nitro:

It was a bitter-sweet night, I knew something that I had been apart of for so long was coming to an end and there was no way we could recreate that all over again, I knew that part of my life was going to change but on the other hand I was pretty excited because WWE had bought the company, Vince McMahon had taken over and I knew it was time for me to step up and that is exactly what I did. I always thought I was upper echelon talent and I would get a chance to prove it in WWE and I think I did that and I think I did it very well, but I was ready for the challenge.

3 Oct, 2012

Kayfabe Wrestling Radio interview


Nash discusses being featured in WWE’s upcoming New World Order DVD:

I think the body of work still stands out. A lot of it, because we participated in; even though we did it, we’ve never seen it back. There have been so many matches and segments and things that we haven’t seen that sometimes, especially with the production that the WWE has, when they put something together, it’s usually an incredible piece and you sit there and kind of relive it again. You go ‘Oh yeah, forgot about that’. So, I look forward to watching those pieces because it does bring back a lot of memories.

4 Jun, 2012

Wrestling101.com interview


Bischoff gives his thoughts on his tenure as president of WCW:

It was a long process, from working on camera to becoming president of the company was a several year process but with every step in that process I learned more about the business side of wrestling industry and took on more responsibilities. By the time I became president of the company I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do and how I wanted to make WCW the number one wrestling company in the world.

9 Apr, 2012

Wrestling101.com interview


Finlay talks about his time wrestling for WCW:

I had some great times in WCW, but there were also some very frustrating times, but that’s life in general. I did win a couple of titles during my time there, and enjoyed some great matches and rivalries. To be with WCW was a great experience, and it’s another page in the book. Life has it’s ups and downs, and you just have to go with it, I was with the company to the bitter end, but luckily enough I was asked to go to the WWE.

21 May, 2005

Pro Wrestling Radio interview


Funk comments on his final run in WCW:

Not my confidence I just questioned my sanity. I also questioned their sanity at the time, you know? I just thought that I had a great deal to offer to them and whenever I got there it was evidently somebody up in the hierarchy that wanted me but the people immediately, my superiors weren’t sure whether they needed me or not. They certainly didn’t loosen the reigns and let me take off running. Well and I don’t blame them it’s their business. But I try not to, I try never to hurt a territory. You know I love coming into a territory and popping it.

7 May, 2005

Pro Wrestling Radio interview


Rhodes gives his thoughts on booking WCW:

Well it is, but people from the outside don’t really know what it is to coach a team. And that is really what you are doing. To have, to take this team and we are actually going to make a sitcom out of it, we’re going to make a movie out of it. And that is my job to, to do the movie, to cast the movie, to make the storylines, to write the music, and that’s the way I am. I put my fingers on everything, I let nobody touch that product, and that’s the hardest thing with people.

24 Jan, 2004

Pro Wrestling Radio interview


Hart talks about managing The Great Muta in WCW:

They approached me about a Kabuki-type wrestler, and I said, I do have a wrestler in mind, he’s not a Kabuki, but someone very similar. I looked at three, or four Japanese wrestlers and there was a young kid in Florida at the time, a mid-card level wrestler by the name of the White Ninja, I said Bring him in.” I spent four or five weeks with him in smaller towns in the Carolinas, I decided that he was someone that we could do something with. He was very talented, very hungry at the time, really wanted to break through.

3 Aug, 2003

Pro Wrestling Radio interview


Sammartino gives his thoughts on WWE buying WCW:

That is a tragedy because who loses out? The wrestlers do. In my day, when you had so many different territories, if you wrestled for Vince McMahon for a year or two, and now you were an undercard guy and were not happy, there were so many other territories you could go to, and become a headliner. You had choices, so many different places you could go. Now you don’t, and McMahon, I don’t care how big his organization may be, he can only use so many wrestlers. That means there are a lot of wrestlers that are either no longer in the business or always looking for work on the independent shows. In my opinion, it has been a horribly destructive thing to the business, the fact that there is just one existing major organization.

Final WCW appearance

TV Appearance

Sting main events very last WCW match on final Monday Night Nitro broadcast. Sting faces off against longtime rival, Ric Flair. Flair is defeated and the two embrace after the bout, bringing the final show to a close.

I’ve always described that day as being surreal, very, very tough thing to swallow. After all the years and finally becoming the number one wrestling organization in the world. To see it go and we’re on the chopping block. Suddenly there’s someone new running the company. It was really strange, a strange time.

Sting Talks About Ric Flair (Final WCW Nitro)

6 Jan, 2001

Pro Wrestling Radio interview


Zenk speaks about the possible sale of WCW:

I mean, come on! Has anyone done a cost-benefit analysis of the implications of the AOL-Time Warner merger for its wrestling product? I mean, real money could be made selling wrestling product across all AOL-Time Warner media outlets. You could download wrestling, you could watch wrestling on demand via the net, etc. Vince would kill for all of their outlets world wide. Is Siegel that naive? …. I can’t believe Time Warner could be so stupid to give all this away to Bischoff for pennies.

3 Sep, 2000

Pro Wrestling Radio interview


Zenk discusses the politics in WCW:

Yeah, it did. I’m not a liar. I mean I can manipulate but I don’t chose to be that way. Wrestling’s a business. So much for honesty, responsibility, quality or goodwill. They complicate the business by manipulating people. Why? Because they can – because they have the stroke. And they like to play with people’s lives. I’d like to talk to Seigel. Sit him down and say “Don’t you get it man, don’t you get it?

3 May, 2000

Pro Wrestling Radio interview


Steamboat speaks the injury he suffered in his last match in WCW:

I had my last match with Stone Cold and at the time he was wrestling as Steve Austin, just as Steve Austin in Roanoke, VA August of ’94. We were both standing on the top rope. He does a thing where he gives me a push off the top rope and is customary in our business, and which I have done a thousand times, like a lot of guys. You just fall straight back and land flat on your back. But this time, I don’t know, maybe there was some oil on the top rope or the turnbuckle. I’m guilty of it. I do put some baby oil just to enhance the body. My foot slips. As I’m falling back, instead of landing flat on my back I land in a sit up position. In other words, I land on my tail bone and I did a spinal compression on two discs.

8 Apr, 2000

Pro Wrestling Radio interview


Daniels gives his thoughts about debuting in WCW:

This is my opportunity. I hope I get a fair shake, an opportunity to perform at my best on television and go from there. Right now, I think they are in the position where they will give guys an opportunity to shine. I think they’re trying anything they can do to offset the differential in ratings. I think right now, it’s a great time to be in WCW. If you’re a young talent, you’re more likely to get an opportunity than you would in the WWF, because they’ve got proven talent that they put on television night in and night out.

12 Jun, 1999

Pro Wrestling Radio interview


Douglas comments on negotiations with WCW:

That they need a heel there pretty desperately and with World Championship Wrestling let’s face it, they need ratings. So both companies have come to the table. But to be quite honest with you so far the deal from the World Wrestling Federation seems to be paying more dividends. When I say negotiations it’s probably a misnomer with World Championship Wrestling. They’re have been phone calls made to ask if they’re would be interest in doing business. So there’s not even been a number put on the table from them.

4 Jan, 1999

Finger poke of doom

Hogan faces Nash for the WCW title on Monday Night Nitro. When the match beings, Hogan pokes Nash in the chest, Nash falls to the ground and Hogan pins him, winning the championship in what WCW officially titles “The finger poke of doom”. Nash:

The “Fingerpoke of Doom” was nothing. The “Fingerpoke of Doom” was just trying to realign The nWo to face off with Goldberg and Goldberg ended up getting injured. I love how the story of my life is how I beat Goldberg to turn around and take the “Fingerpoke of Doom” a week later. Boy, that did me a lot of good. When you look at how people perceive the whole thing, it’s ridiculous…The number one problem people have with the “Fingerpoke of Doom” is it “got” everybody. And nobody likes to be “got.” So, of course, [know-it-alls] are going to hate it the most because they never called it. They didn’t see anything coming.

28 Dec, 1997

Beats Hogan for WCW Title

Wins Sport Event

Sting defeats Hollywood Hulk Hogan to reclaim WCW title from the nWo faction. The match ends in controversy as Bret Hart accuses referee (Neil Patrick) of fast count and declares Sting the winner after restarting the match.

Hulk is the best ever in the business. He’s the biggest draw in wrestling history. Starrcade 1997 is still my all-time favorite match.

Hulk Hogan vs Sting - World Heavyweight title - WCW Monday Nitro - 8/23/99

26 Aug, 1996

WCW debut

Jericho makes first WCW appearance and defeates Alex Wright in single’s competition.

When I came to World Championship Wrestling, I came here to fight to the best of my ability.

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