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25 Dec, 2014

Domestic battery arrest


Nash is arrested and booked on domestic battery charges after a tussle with his teenage son Tristen at Nash’s home in Florida. Family attorney:

The kid was out of control, and the father was defending his wife. I’m pretty confident we will have a resolution in the next couple of months.

5 Jul, 2014

Miami Herald interview


Nash sits down with the Miami Herald to discuss his health, DDPYoga and Mick Foley.

My wife, my son and I went on a European vacation. Three or four days walking around London. Three or four days walking around Paris. Three or four days walking around Munich. My knees were so swollen. My ankle has been operated on. It’s got a plate, screws in it. My body just couldn’t take walking eight to 10 miles a day. What are you gonna do? Now that you’ve got the time and you’ve got the funds to see the world with your family, you don’t have a body that can participate in anything.

6 Nov, 2013

Big WrestleShark Show interview


Nash discusses going to WWE  for the first time:

The biggest difference was I was in WCW, which was a television company that had wrestling and I went to the WWE, which was a wrestling company that did wrestling. It’s what they did, they specialized in it. From production, to professionalism, to direction, it was so night and day. Business was down then when I got there in ’93. But at the same time business was ten times better in WWE than it was in WCW. We’d get to buildings and the guys would be complaining the house was down, and I’d look through the curtain and it’d be the biggest crowd I’d ever worked in front of.

13 Aug, 2013

Steve Austin Show interview


Nash is a guest on the Steve Austin Show to discuss WCW, road stories and travelling with The Kliq.

I think because I was the wheel guy 90% of the time, I kind of got the say-so. But we had certain rules. Rule number one was if someone has to pee, you pee at the next exit. There’s no, “Awww but you just went.” When you go 300 miles, you gotta go.

25 Jul, 2013

Chad Dukes interview


Nash talks to Chad Dukes about Scott Hall’s recovery and Daniel Bryan.

One thing Dallas [Page] gives that a lot of people just don’t have is Dallas has always been the cup half full guy. He’s a real positive human being. I just think that’s what Scott needed more than anything, to be around somebody who’s a positive influence, and to get him pointed in the right direction. Dallas was going to try and get him on the YRG, but once he got down there his hip was so bad they had to get a hip replacement and that’s really held Scott up. He got to a position where he was living clean, there were people around him 24/7 that cared about him, and it just made it easier, that transition to determine on a daily basis not to use.

3 Oct, 2012

Kayfabe Wrestling Radio interview


Nash discusses being featured in WWE’s upcoming New World Order DVD:

I think the body of work still stands out. A lot of it, because we participated in; even though we did it, we’ve never seen it back. There have been so many matches and segments and things that we haven’t seen that sometimes, especially with the production that the WWE has, when they put something together, it’s usually an incredible piece and you sit there and kind of relive it again. You go ‘Oh yeah, forgot about that’. So, I look forward to watching those pieces because it does bring back a lot of memories.

4 Jan, 1999

Finger poke of doom

Hogan faces Nash for the WCW title on Monday Night Nitro. When the match beings, Hogan pokes Nash in the chest, Nash falls to the ground and Hogan pins him, winning the championship in what WCW officially titles “The finger poke of doom”. Nash:

The “Fingerpoke of Doom” was nothing. The “Fingerpoke of Doom” was just trying to realign The nWo to face off with Goldberg and Goldberg ended up getting injured. I love how the story of my life is how I beat Goldberg to turn around and take the “Fingerpoke of Doom” a week later. Boy, that did me a lot of good. When you look at how people perceive the whole thing, it’s ridiculous…The number one problem people have with the “Fingerpoke of Doom” is it “got” everybody. And nobody likes to be “got.” So, of course, [know-it-alls] are going to hate it the most because they never called it. They didn’t see anything coming.

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