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Sting (Wrestler)

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Sting is a professional wrestler best known for his time in WCW and TNA wrestling. He is currently signed to WWE.

23 Nov, 2014

WWE in-ring debut

TV Appearance

Sting makes his first ever live WWE televised appearance at Survivor Series. Sting enters the ring to surprise Triple H and cost his team an eight man tag team match. Sting delivers a Scorpion Death Drop to Triple H before exiting.

29 Sep, 2014

Sting DVD being reprinted


Sting DVDWWE reprints Sting DVD due to an error on the back cover of the disc set. One image on the DVD is of WCW’s impostor Sting and not Steve Borden himself. The mistake will be fixed on future copies of the DVD release.


23 Aug, 2014

Orlando Sentinel interview


Sting talks to The Orlando Sentinel about who he’d like to work with at Wrestlemania if he cannot face The Undertaker.

I do believe I have enough left in my tank for one more match and I would love for that match to be against Taker. If that can’t happen, Triple H, I think. I just would like to have one more match. I would love to say I had one match under the WWE banner and, of course, WrestleMania. Who wouldn’t want to say that they wrestled at WrestleMania at least one time

16 Aug, 2014

Sirius/XM interview


Sting talks with Sirius/XM Radio about WWE 2k15, his plans in WWE and what he will do if he cannot face The Undertaker.

Man, I think Taker vs. Sting doesn’t need a streak storyline, we just need Taker and Sting.

15 Aug, 2014

CBS Los Angeles interview


Reigns sits down with CBS Los Angeles to discuss Sting and the possibility of acting in a film in the near future.

For his sake, if he steps in the ring, I hope he stays away from me. I’m not the guy to run into these days. I think it’s pretty cool just to be on the (SummerSlam) panel with him. Just to chat and BS a little bit with all those guys.

8 Aug, 2014

Final match comments


Sting appears on The Ross Report to discuss future plans and his WWE relationship. Sting remarks that his next match will most likely be his last.

I’m 99.99% sure and can say that it would definitely be the last one.

4 Aug, 2014

Added to Summerslam panels


Sting is added to WWE Summerslam fan panels on Augst 16th and 17th. The events include revealing the WWE 2k15 playable character roster and Q&A sessions with the performers. Sting will be joined by Hulk Hogan, D-Generation-X and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

30 Jul, 2014

Ross Report


Sting appears on Ross Report in sit-down interview. The pair discuss Sting’s career and aspirations in the final years of his career.

I’m feeling great. I’m glad to be here and glad to be on your podcast, buddy.

24 Jul, 2014

Comic-Con appearance

Cameo/Guest Appearance

Sting shows up at WWE’s comic-con panel in full makeup and costume. The wrestler’s status with the company has been unknown until now. Sting’s appearance confirms he is under some working deal with the company. The wrestler will also be featured in the WWE 2K15 video game and WWE’s next line of action figures.

14 Jul, 2014

First WWE appearance

TV Appearance

Sting makes his first WWE appearance in video promoting WWE 2k15 video game. Sting is announced as a special pre-order exclusive character. The short ad features Sting in his signature makeup and ominous “Crow” music.

It’s an honor. It’s something I always hoped I could do — to somehow or another be a part of the WWE family in some capacity. And here I am.

17 Apr, 2014

Ultimate Warrior documentary


Sting appears on Warrior: The Ultimate Legend special on WWE Network. Sting speaks about longtime friend and former tag team partner, Ultimate Warrior.

One of my favorite things about The Ultimate Warrior was that he used to take tuna and orange juice, put it in a blender, guzzle the whole thing down, and say ‘Yeah, I got my vitamin C and I got my protein all in one.’

23 Jan, 2014

Final TNA match

Quits Job

Sting wrestles TNA Champion, Mangus in Title vs Career match at Genesis event. Sting loses the match and sees his TNA contract torn up as result.

I’ve wondered what (the TNA Booking Team’s) intentions are. When I was inducted into the Hall of Fame, I asked Dixie if she was putting me out to pasture and she said “Absolutely not.” I’m giving you a straight-up answer: It (all of these actions) makes me wonder.

6 Jun, 2013

VOC Nation interview


Sting talks to VOC Nation about jumping to WWE and The Undertaker.

I do an annual contract every year and the rumors start right around January. The year that they did the (black and white) vignettes (in 2011), I had nothing to do with it and I had no conversations with the WWE at that time. Shortly afterward there were conversations (with WWE) just by happenstance but nothing official.

2 Jun, 2013

Ray vs Sting – TNA Title

Wins Sport Event

Ray retains the TNA World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Sting in singles competition under no holds barred stipulations. Ray picks up the pinfall victory after striking Sting with a hammer at fourteen minutes and twenty seconds.

20 Mar, 2013

Revelation Road

Film Appearance

Sting stars as a street-tough biker in Revelation Road. The film centers around a traveling salesman battling personal demons on his quest home in a post-Apocalyptic world. Co-starring Eric Roberts, Brian Bosworth, Noell Coet and David A.R. White.

My character is a bad guy in a biker gang. Brian is the leader of the gang and we’re creating havoc everywhere we go. I’m a guy who’s had the short end of the stick his entire life so I end up in a biker gang. This is the story of the end times, a story of how God is trying to grab hold of each one of us and get through to us.

12 Oct, 2012

The Phoenix New Times interivew

Sting addresses the possibility of being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame:

Well, I know every year there seems to be talk of it. There’s rumors that always fly. It was all over the Internet pretty big last year or the year before. So, I don’t know, especially now that I will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. They may just turn the page at that point. I have no idea.

10 Jun, 2012

Sting vs Roode – TNA title

Wins Sport Event

Roode defeats Sting in singles competition at Slammiversary to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Roode picks up the pinfall victory after striking Sting with a glass bottle at eleven minutes and twenty-five seconds. Sting attacks Roode after the match by putting him through a table with a Scorpion Death Drop.

31 May, 2012

TNA Hall of Fame


Sting is announced as an inaugural inductee to TNA Hall of Fame. Video chronicling Sting’s TNA career is shown.

Last year when I was inducted I had no idea that it was going to be me. I was an active wrestler. (I wondered why) they didn’t go with the Jeff Jarretts of the world. If they’re going to use an active guy, why not AJ? He’s been with the company since the beginning. I took it as an indication that they thought I was done. But it was a night that I will never forget, and it was awesome.

3 May, 2011

The Encounter

Film Appearance

Sting stars in as wealthy business man in The Encounter, which centers around a group of total strangers who find themselves at a mysterious diner in the middle of nowhere, waiting on the roads to open from a storm. They discover their server just may be Jesus Christ himself. Co-starring Bruce Machiano, Danah Davis and Jamie Nieto.

I had as much money as I needed. I could travel wherever I wanted to go, I could buy whatever I wanted to buy, and I didn’t need God – or, at least, so I thought. The biggest match of my life was against God, and he thankfully wrestled me down to the ground before it was too late.

1 Oct, 2010

Countdown to Lockdown: A Hardcore Journal

1countdown to lockdownFoley publishes his fourth memoir, Countdown to Lockdown: A Hardcore Journal. The book follows Foley’s run in TNA as he counts down the events leading up to his highly publicized match against Sting.

 At one time, I was really afraid they were going to scrap the whole project, especially when my own personal story started to take a turn for the worse. Luckily for me, Vince McMahon really believed that I should have the right to tell the story as I saw it.

30 Nov, 2004

Moment of Truth


Moment of TruthSting publishes a memoir Sting: Moment of Truth with co-author, George King. The book features Sting journey through the world of wrestling, marital troubles and finding faith.

I gave my life to Jesus Christ who became my Lord and Savior, right at the peak of my career where I had all the money and power and fame you could ever want. It’s just like in this book.

18 Jun, 2003

TNA Debut

TV Appearance

Sting makes his first appearance for TNA at one year anniversary show, teaming with Jeff Jarrett to defeat A.J. Styles and Syxx Pac.

I would like to be a part of making TNA a household name worldwide. I’d love to see TNA become a huge force, a huge machine, all over the world. And to become one of the biggest, if not the biggest, wrestling organizations. I was a part of that one time at WCW and I’d like to see that happen again with TNA.

Final WCW appearance

TV Appearance

Sting main events very last WCW match on final Monday Night Nitro broadcast. Sting faces off against longtime rival, Ric Flair. Flair is defeated and the two embrace after the bout, bringing the final show to a close.

I’ve always described that day as being surreal, very, very tough thing to swallow. After all the years and finally becoming the number one wrestling organization in the world. To see it go and we’re on the chopping block. Suddenly there’s someone new running the company. It was really strange, a strange time.

1 Sep, 1998

Sting Unmasked

Film Appearance

WCW releases Sting Unmasked on VHS home video. The documentary features highlights of Sting’s WCW career including his transition from surfer dude to silent crow to nWo wolfpac.

28 Dec, 1997

3rd WCW Championship

Wins Sport Event

Sting returns to the ring for at Starrcade 1997. This is the first time since War Games 1996 that Sting has worked a match. Sting defeats Hogan to capture the WCW championship.

Beats Hogan for WCW Title

Wins Sport Event

Sting defeats Hollywood Hulk Hogan to reclaim WCW title from the nWo faction. The match ends in controversy as Bret Hart accuses referee (Neil Patrick) of fast count and declares Sting the winner after restarting the match.

Hulk is the best ever in the business. He’s the biggest draw in wrestling history. Starrcade 1997 is still my all-time favorite match.

11 Mar, 1993

Second WCW championship

Wins Sport Event

Sting defeats Vader to capture his second WCW championship in London, England.

You got someone who’s got 400 pounds who can do a moonsault off the top rope, we’re talking about an offensive lineman for the Los Angeles Rams. I used to love to work with him. It was pretty insane, but I was the one who tamed him.

7 Jul, 1990

Wins NWA Championship

Wins Sport Event

Sting defeats Ric Flair for NWA Championship at the Great American Bash pay-per-view.

That match right there put me on the map, and I give Ric Flair all the kudos that I could possibly muster. 


20 Mar, 1959

Sting born in Omaha


Sting is born in Omaha, Nebraska despite being billed from Venice Beach, California during his wrestling career. Sting develops an early interest in body building.

I never did the powerlifting thing, but the goal was to lift heavy. Four plates squatting for reps – 4-5, 8-10, 315 for 20, 225 for 50 – leg extensions, leg curls and that’s how we trained every single week. On the bench , my best was 435 – I was younger and I was on the gas, too. There were guys who weighed a lot less than I did who could easily do that. But I didn’t really train for power or strength. I trained for size. That’s all I was training for.

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