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22 Oct, 2013

Busted Open interview


Mangus talks to Busted Open Radio about TNA using social media and focus.

People think because that they watch a few DVD’s that document one part of history and how the business went and they are able to predict what’s going to happen in a completely new set of circumstance and I tend to ignore it and I don’t really give it much thought. These are basically the people that throw something out there with no filter because they are nobodies and I’m not trying to knock anyone.

6 Nov, 1986

Magnus is born in Norfolk, England


Magnus (Nick Aldis) is born in Norfolk, England. He becomes a fan of professional wrestling at a young age through watching Sting.

I’m as grateful to Sting as anybody in the wrestling business for the benefit he has had in my career. Steve (Sting) is a great guy and very, very smart and just a model citizen as far as the way he conducts himself and how much respect he commands. There are some people who seem to be obsessed with respect and seem to be obsessed with guys not showing them enough respect, but Sting is a guy who has never had to pull any stunts, never had to bully anyone, never had to throw his weight around or pull rank. He commands respect.

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