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3 Dec, 2014

Main Event Radio interview


Abyss talks to Main Event Radio about his time in TNA, working with James Mitchell and young talent in TNA.

 TNA has a bunch of guys who are on the cusp of breaking through. Ethan Carter, EC3, I really think is a star. A guy who has great acumen and awareness. Everything he does he strives for perfection. The Bromans are two great athletes, an incredible tag team together. Rockstar Spud. We have a good group of young guys who are really making their mark and are going to continue to.

5 Aug, 2014

Miami Herald interview


Abyss sits down with the Miami Herald to discuss TNA and working in Japan.

The Japanese fan base is incredible. Wrestling in Japan is a big deal. It’s a big thing. To be there with legends like the Great Muta and to be able to show the TNA banner there and show off our style of Impact Wrestling and share it with Wrestle-1 and the great fans of Japan is pretty exciting.

4 Oct, 1973

Abyss born in Washington, D.C.


Abyss (Chris Parks) is born in Washington, D.C. He develops an early interest in wrestling by watching Hulk Hogan on TV.

Hulk Hogan, in my opinion. and a lot of other people’s opinions, he’s the person that put wrestling on the map to begin with in the main stream world.

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