Matt Morgan

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28 Aug, 2014

The Swerve interview


Morgan talks to The Swerve about advice he recieved from Vince McMahon.

He asked me how big I was, and my name. And I told him I was a huge fan of what the guys do, and I asked “Could you give me some guidance on what do I do to become a professional wrestler?” He gave me Jim Ross’s card, and he gave me Tom Prichard’s card. So I started annoying Tom from that moment on.

27 Nov, 2013

The Art of Wrestling interview


Morgan is a guest on The Art of Wrestling to discuss wrestling in TNA and WWE and loving the business.

You have to have passion. To have done this ten years or however long you’ve been doing it. You have to love what you’re doing.

18 Sep, 2013 interview


Morgan talks to about meeting with vince McMahon and leaving TNA.

 I was about to start a story line, a pretty major one actually. Unfortunately it just didn’t materialize and they went in a different direction with another person’s character. I 100% understand why they had to do it with this particular character, but as far as I’m concerned with my storyline, that left me odd man out where I was going to be taking some time off and sitting at home again.

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