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29 Mar, 2015

Visited gay porn and suicide sites

Plane Crash

New information in the case is revealed by police: Lubitz visited gay porn websites as well as websites relating to suicide; he had received medical treatment for vision problems, causing him to fear he was losing his eyesight; Lubitz was often the target of gossip about his sexuality and was given the nickname “Tomato Andy”; in the months leading up to the crash, he was being treated by four psychiatrists; a “small mountain” of antidepressants were found at his apartment; and in his diary, Lubitz expressed his fears that he would be “found out” and would then lose his job. He also wrote:

I have too much work and I am not able to do my job properly.

A German police source:

We have a team disassembling his computer, and that of his girlfriend, because the information that we received was that he trawled the dark side of the web visiting, among other things, sites containing gay porn, suicide themes and sexual perversions.

24 Mar, 2015

Plane crashes in France

Death CountPlane Crash

An Airbus A320 operated by Germanwings, the budget carrier of Germany’s Lufthansa crashes in a remote area of the French Alps Tuesday, near the ski resort of Barcelonnette, killing all 150 on board in the worst plane disaster in mainland France for four decades. The Airbus A320 plunged for eight minutes into a snowbound inaccessible mountain area in southeastern France. French officials say no distress signal had been issued. The plane, carrying 144 mainly Spanish and German passengers and six crew, was travelling from Barcelona to the western German city of Duesseldorf when it came down. Civil aviation authorities

The crew did not send a Mayday. It was air traffic control that decided to declare the plane was in distress because there was no contact with the crew of the plane


We’ve never had a total loss of aircraft in the company’s history until now.

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