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27 Jul, 2015

Announces photonics initiative

Makes Statement

Biden photonicsBiden and Cuomo announce a photonics initiative in Rochester, that will hire about 100 scientists and other experts and get to work on a handful of research projects within about five months. The $600 million initiative includes $110 million in federal funding, $250 million from New York state, and the rest from private companies. Supporters say the project could mean thousands of jobs for the region as it brings together government, industry and academia to advance photonics research and its use commercially.

You’ve gone from making Brownie cameras to lenses that are now mapping the far side of Pluto…AIM Photonics is going to act as a central hub and will give Rochester photonics businesses the space and the capacity they need to generate the next generation breakthroughs and secure American leadership in the manufacturing of integrated photonics.

19 Aug, 2015

Says topless photos illegal

Makes Statement

Cuomo says women called “desnudas” (Spanish for “naked”) who pose topless for photos in Times Square are breaking the law. The women, who wear paint, thongs and patriotic accessories, pose with visitors and charge for photos. Although being topless is legal in New York, forceful loitering and panhandling are not, according to state law. Cuomo:

This activity is illegal and needs to be stopped. This is supposed to be a tourist attraction, family friendly, the new New York symbol.

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