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Tavis Smiley interview

6 Dec, 2012

Garcia discusses his latest project, A Dark Truth, an environmental thriller that he also co-executive produced, in this interview for PBS. On his character in the film:

Well, this character of Jack, Big Jack Begosian, he’s, as you find him in the beginning of the film, he’s a radio talk show host in Toronto, and the show is called “The Truth.” He’s basically trying to bring attention to situations around the world or in society that are untruthful and need to be busted on. But his past is one that’s very dark. He was involved in the CIA and he says, as he says in the movie, that he’s done things that are, to one of the callers, that he’s done things that are unforgiveable and unforgettable, and he’s trying to make amends, somehow make amends for that in his life.

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