Anjelica Huston

Prizzi’s Honor

14 Jun, 1985

Huston plays Maerose Prizzi, daughter of Don Corrado Prizzi, in this comic crime drama directed by John Huston and written by Richard Condon, who also wrote the novel. Maerose is still in love with Charley (Jack Nicholson) a hit man for the mob who has fallen for Irene (Kathleen Turner), herself a hitwoman. When Irene is suspected of doublecrossing the mob, Maerose follows her and Charley to see for herself. On working with her father:

I can’t say I didn’t go in with trepidation, but everyone was in a good mood for that movie. There’s a lot to be said for playing comedy. Foreman had a genius for putting people together, and my father loved me to be happy. You forget that sometimes. He wasn’t well, and a lot of it was about making things joyful and simple. I was enjoying him and learning from him.

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