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Anna Kendrick

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Anna Kendrick is an American actress and singer. She is known for her role in Up in The Air, Twilght, and Pitch Perfect. She had a worldwide hit with The Cup Song.

1 Jun, 2015

Glamour cover

Magazine Cover

Kendrick appears on the cover of June 2015 issue of Glamour. She talks about gender bias in Hollywood and turning 30.

I felt different at 29 because 29, to me, is 30. There are times when I still feel like an actual toddler in a grown-up—well, semi-grown-up—body. But other times I can’t wait to actually be 30, just so I can say things like, ‘I’m 30. I don’t have time for that. F–k off!’

1 May, 2015

Glamour UK cover

Magazine Cover

Kendrick appears on the cover of May 2015 issue of Glamour UK. She talks about her role in Pitch Perfect 2 and why she still finds posing on red capet uncomfotable.

Every year that goes by, I think that my on-camera smile is going to get easier…And it’s got worse and worse, to the point where I’m giving that Britney Spears terrified smile, where the lips are upturned, but there’s nothing but fear in the eyes.

18 Feb, 2015

The Edit interview

Magazine Cover

Kendrick, says she’s not scared of growing old in Hollywood.

I know that things will be more complicated as an older actress, in ways that I can’t anticipate, but I would really enjoy getting to the point where the reason I’m getting roles or not isn’t based on if somebody thinks I’m hot enough.

1 Feb, 2015

Fashion cover

Magazine Cover

Kendrick appears on the cover of the February 2015 issue of Fashion magazine. She talks about her parents’ divorce, her passion for musical theatre, and finding her Prince Charming.

The wrong kind of guy to fall in love with is the guy who will let go of the steering wheel as a joke. A guy who finds it amusing to make you uncomfortable – which is more common that you’d think – is someone you want to avoid.

Nylon cover

Magazine Cover

Kendrick appears on the cover of the February 2015 issue of Nylon magazine. She talks about dating, confidence, and Ryan Gosling.

The great torture from my teen years into my mid-20s was trying to get attention from guys who were not interested in me—like, at all. So I’m happy that now my type is a nice guy who likes me back.

24 Dec, 2014

Into the Woods

Kendrick plays Cinderella in this family musical directed by Rob Marshall, based on the Broadway musical, written by Stephen Sondheim, which is a combination of several Brothers Grimm stories.Meryl Streep stars as a wicked witch who places a curse on a baker and his wife who hope to have children. Co-starring Emily Blunt and Johnny Depp, and a large cast of others in

I had never considered myself a Cinderella. I always thought of myself as Little Red because I’m a little weirdo… So playing Cinderella, not only did I have to wrap my brain around being the sweet ingénue, but I had to get my voice ready to be more sweet and light and more of a true soprano, which I’ve never been before.

10 Dec, 2014

On Air interview


Kendrick gives an interview to Ryan Seacrest during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about her role in the film Into The Woods. 

I love this version of Cinderella because she’s got Chris Pine (the Prince) chasing after her and she’s still not totally convinced and I love that about her. She’s a lady that knows she’s worth it. He’s a great singer! He was so shy about it in rehearsals. He’s like Frank Sinatra! I want this man to sing me to sleep.

1 Dec, 2014

Marie Claire cover

Magazine Cover

anna-kendrick-marie-claire-december-2014Kendrick appears on the cover of the December 2014 issue of Marie Claire magazine. She talks about having her looks scrutinized, her role in Into the Woods, and on taking a short break.

The character is thoughtful and complicated. You see what happens after she marries the prince, when you start to face problems in seemingly perfect situations. The interesting thing about her is she overthinks things, she’s uncertain – we don’t see that in most versions. In a lot of ways, I think it’s this incredibly brave story. She’s neglected and abused her entire life, she finally gets love and it’s not the kind of love she was looking for, and she stands up for herself.

17 Oct, 2014

Happy Christmas

In this comedy directed by Joe Swanberg, Kendrick stars as Jenny, whose filmmaker brother invites her to live with his family over the holidays. Jenny proves to be an irresponsible babysitter for his brother’s toddler, but is able to help his write wife Kelly write a fast erotic novel. Co- starring are Joe Swanberg, Melanie Lynskey, Mark Webber and Lena Dunham. On her character, Jenny:

Ultimately, she’s so confident and so ashamed of herself that she has to kind of retreat back to feeling like she can just talk her way around an apology without ever really giving one. And, I think that’s something that I struggle with, too. Being able to express myself directly, talking my way around it, and then expecting the other person to know what I’m feeling.


27 Sep, 2014

Private photos leaked

Kendrick is among the latest celebrities whose private photos have been leaked. However, the female singer’s photos show nothing indecent or revealing.

I’m paranoid, and with good reason, clearly, as we’ve learned from the last couple of weeks.

11 Sep, 2014

Anna Kendrick interview


Kendrick discusses her achievements and challenges over the last five years, with Richard Crouse.

If there is something really incredible everybody wants it so I audition. It’s a competitive business by nature. I know that room and that line of two hundred girls. I didn’t have to dig that deep to know the anxiety and self doubt. Obviously it was a lot more fun to be working on a movie where I’m doing that and not going home and crying into my pillow. That was a fun thing to perform and see inside her head and talk about the indignity of not being paid attention to when you are trying to perform for somebody.

8 Sep, 2014


In this drama directed by Patrick Tobin and produced by Jennifer Aniston, Kendrick stars as Nina, who commits suicide after attending group therapy for chronic pain. Nina’s ghost comes back to haunt Claire (Aniston), as she develops a relationship with Nina’s widowed husband. Co-starring Sam Worthington. Kendrick on working with Aniston:

She is next-level incredible in this. To be honest, while we were making the movie I just wanted to shout from the rooftops how incredible she was on set, and what an extraordinary performance she was giving. She just brought it every day.

1 Jul, 2014

Elle cover

Magazine Cover

t7gmw4r5rr3xwmrtKendrick appears on the cover of the July 2014 issue of Elle magazine. She talks about her sex appeal and divorce.

I hate when people think you’re broken because your parents are divorced. And I really reject the idea of staying together for the kids. If they’re growing up in a house that’s not healthy, it’s better to know that’s not the model of what marriage should be.

12 May, 2014

Fast Company: 2014 Most Creative People

Fast Company magazine says Kendrick is one of 2014’s Most Creative People. As part of the feature, Kendrick stars in The Call, a short film made for the magazine and directed by Eric Ogden.

Not only is strategy not my strong suit, it doesn’t even enter into my thought process.

She talks about her recent experience buying a car with Aubrey Plaza.

I’m a terrible negotiator. The guy was doing all the cliché car-salesman things, playing hardball and going to talk to his manager, and all I could say was, ‘Why are you being so mean? Stop it!

5 Apr, 2014

Hosts SNL with Pharrell Williams

Hosts Show

Kendrick hosts Saturday Night Live, with Williams as a musical guest. Williams performs Happy and Marilyn Monroe, and Kendrick participates in sketches are performed throughout the night. Kendrick on pre-show jitters:

I’m so scared. All my friends have been really really nice about it. But a lot of my friends have been trying to suggest skits that aren’t around anymore.

7 Feb, 2014

Pitch Perfect 2

Kendrick confirms that she will star in the sequel of the Pitch Perfect movie.

I’m very excited! I mean I’ve signed on with no script, so you know, if it becomes about parasailing instead of singing, don’t blame me!

28 Jan, 2014

Anna Kendrick interview


Kendrick discusses her encounter with Beyonce and Katy Perry during the Grammys night. Kendrick (on Beyonce):

We said we’ll just walk past her to get some of the aura. We walked past. My friends was like, dude, she was like motioning to you and You just walked past her. And the panic. I didn’t quite know what to do. But I thought once in a lifetime, just do it. I went back and I just — I was like, I’m so sorry to do this, I just wanted to meet you, you’re such an inspiration. She stood up, she was so nice and points to Jay-Z and she was like, we just watched you on the Kennedy center honors, and you’re so cute in your little red dress, which means she actually watched it, or I was having a stroke. And I imagined the entire thing.

29 Dec, 2013

Performs at the Kennedy Center Honors

Kendrick performs at the Kennedy Center Honors, singling It’s Not Where You Start, It’s Where You Finish from the Broadway show Seesaw and then with other Broadway stars for Lord Help Us, We Love Her, in a tribute to Shirley MacLaine.


The Company You Keep

Kendrick has a minor role as Diana in this thriller and political fiction, directed and produced by Robert Redford. Redford also stars in the film as Ben, Diana’s ex-boyfriend. This film is based on the book by the same name, about former members of the Weather Underground who plot to blow up buildings in United States cities. Co-starring Julie Christie and Susan Sarandon.

…it feels so silly to pontificate on that role; I’m in the movie for like thirty seconds — but my feeling was certainly that this is someone who is ambitious. But someone who thinks of herself as having her heart in the same place as the kids in the Weather Underground probably thought their hearts were. You know, actually trying to make a difference. I think she thinks these are bad people. I’m going to catch bad people.

24 Sep, 2012

Pitch Perfect

In this musical comedy based on the book by Mickey Rapkin and directed by Jason Moore, Kendrick stars as Beca Mitchell, a rebellious girl who enters her school’s girls’ cappella musical group and discovers her voice.  Different groups in the school compete to perform at Lincoln Center and on a radio station.  Co-starring Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy – another singer. On a challenging side of making the film:

I think the scene where we’re all confessing stuff was hard. It was towards the end of the shoot, like maybe the second to last days for the girls. It was late and we were all just sitting around staring at each other and it was just like you get too relaxed. You get too comfortable. In a scene like the riff-off, there’s so much at stake and so many moving parts that your brain is working overtime. I think just sitting in a circle with these girls that I’d gotten to know over three months was like I can’t take you guys seriously.

3 Aug, 2012


Kendrick voices the character ‘Courtney’  in this stop-motion animated feature. Courtney’s younger 11-year-old brother Norman Babcock (voiced by Kodi Smit-McPhee) is ostracized for his claim to be able to speak with the dead. Norman befriends another boy who is bullied at school and goes on a mission to save the world from zombies.

I’d always wanted to do an animated film, so I jumped at the opportunity. This is my first one. I was really nervous because I’m not great at ADR (Automated Dialog Recording), so I wasn’t sure how this was going to be. But, it was actually really, really freeing. I just felt like it was a really safe space, and it was okay to make really ugly faces and really ugly body gestures. To use all those things as tools was really helpful. To not be self-conscious about the way you look on camera helps the intention to be really pure.

13 Aug, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Kendrick plays Stacey Pilgrim, younger sister of the main character, Scott Pilgrim, in this comedy by Edgar Wright. In an effort to earn her heart, Scott has to defeat all seven ex-boyfriends of his new girlfriend Ramona – played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead- in a series of martial arts battles.

I basically just sort of judge Scott for all his life choices and tell him how to live his life which is fun, but I care about him too.

2 Feb, 2010

Oscar nomination

Kendrick is nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 82nd Academy Awards for portraying Natalie Keener in Up in the Air.

I feel unbelievable. This is just not one of those things that you ever think is in the realm of possibility to happen to you. I don’t come from this world and I feel privileged to be in the room with these people.

8 Jan, 2010

Wins Rising Star Award

Kendrick receives the Rising Star Award, in the 21st Annual Palm Spring International Film Festival gala for her performance in Up in the Air.

Anna Kendrick is an extremely gifted young actress. At age 12, she received a Tony Award nomination for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for her role as Dinah in High Society. Now in her mid-20s, she has gone from strength to strength with each succeeding screen role. Given her striking, multifaceted performance in Up in the Air, we are delighted to present her with the Festival’s Rising Star Award.

The film’s producer, Ivan Reitman. presents her with the award.

3 Dec, 2009

Talks about Camp


Kendrick discusses getting the Camp role. A cousin to the director encouraged her to audition for the movie:

There was a woman in High Society named Randy Graff, and she’s cousins with Todd Graff, who directed Camp. When I was 13 and the show had just closed, she told me that I should go and audition for her cousin’s movie. I went and I read for [the part of] Fritzi and they did a workshop of it when I was 13, and then when he was finally getting it made, I was 16 and he said the job was still mine if I wanted it. It wasn’t really an age-specific role.


Up in the Air

Kendrick stars in this comedy-drama directed by Jason Reitman, based on the 2001 novel of the same name by Walter Kirn. She plays Natalie Keener, an ambitious new employee for a company that specializes in firing people. Natalie wants to activate a system to fire employees through videoconferencing. Instead she paired with Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) who travels the globe firing people in person. Also starring Vera Flamiga.

It’s the first time I’ve played my own age, which was pretty exciting. I’ve played high-school kids my whole life, this time I felt like I was sitting at the grown-ups’ table. And I love strong female characters. It’s a pretty rare thing to find a part this well rounded for a young woman.





Kendrick stars in this crime drama, written by Nathan Hope and directed by Todd Louiso, her first film as a lead character. She plays a girl whose best friend (Tania Raymonde) goes missing. Nathan Hope, on her character:

Anna had just worked Rocket Science for a friend of mine, and I knew she was incredibly talented and a very smart woman. She was a pleasure to work with.


Auditions for Twilight Saga role

Kendrick auditions for a role in the upcoming film, Twilight Saga, based on the novel series by Stephanie Meyer. She auditions for the role of Jessica Stanely. Having been too ill to do a mix-and-match of different actors, she is brought in on a later session.

Twilight, I wish there was like a great story behind it, but it was a straight-up audition situation. They actually brought me in for a mix-and-match (with various actors). I was so sick that they asked me to stay, and I literally told them I couldn’t because I just felt so ill and I had to go home. But then they brought me in for one last smaller mix-and-match, and I ended up doing it.

10 Aug, 2007

Rocket Science

In this comedy-drama, Kendrick plays Ginny Ryerson, a fast-talking high school debater. Ginny recruits Hal Hefner (Reece Daniel Thompson) to join her team, disregarding the fact that Hal stutters. Hal jumps at the opportunity to participate in something that will distract him from his troubled home life. Directed by Todd Graff, co-starring Don Nixon.

I get really excited every time there’s a female character who is really strong because a lot of females in film are really soft.


Auditions in New York

Kendrick leaves Portland by bus to New York, where she hopes to be inducted into Broadway. Kendrick:

I started auditioning when I was about 10 and I didn’t get my first job until I was 12, and two years at that age is really hard.

9 Aug, 1985

Anna Kendrick born in Portland


Kendrick is born in Portland, Maine, to Janice Nee Cooke, an accountant and William Kendrick, a history teacher who also deals with finance. She attends Longfellow Elementary School, Lincoln Middle School, and Deering High School in Portland, with her brother, Michael Cooke Kendrick.

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