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24 Sep, 2012

Pitch Perfect

In this musical comedy based on the book by Mickey Rapkin and directed by Jason Moore, Kendrick stars as Beca Mitchell, a rebellious girl who enters her school’s girls’ cappella musical group and discovers her voice.  Different groups in the school compete to perform at Lincoln Center and on a radio station.  Co-starring Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy – another singer. On a challenging side of making the film:

I think the scene where we’re all confessing stuff was hard. It was towards the end of the shoot, like maybe the second to last days for the girls. It was late and we were all just sitting around staring at each other and it was just like you get too relaxed. You get too comfortable. In a scene like the riff-off, there’s so much at stake and so many moving parts that your brain is working overtime. I think just sitting in a circle with these girls that I’d gotten to know over three months was like I can’t take you guys seriously.

Pitch Perfect Official Trailer [HD]: Anna Kendrick Leads An All-Out "A Capella" War

30 Aug, 2012

Rebel Wilson interview


Wilson guests on Conan to promote her new film, Bachelorette. She also talks about her family, as well as her technique to mastering the American accent. She also reads a disgruntled neighbor’s letter addressed to herself and her roommate, Matt Lucas.

We got a letter in the mailbox, which I brought in today. It was a little bit disturbing because it’s anonymous for a start, and I’ll just read it out to you in how I think the person who wrote it sounds like.

Rebel Wilson & Matt Lucas Are Upsetting The Neighbors - CONAN on TBS

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