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17 Jun, 2014

Medical app raises $7M

A Google Glass app for medical professionals raises more than $7 Million. The creator, a San Francisco start-up named Augmedix, gears the app towards doctors. It allows doctors to cut down on paperwork by recording their patients’ exams. Afterwards, the doctor can use voice commands to pull up information. By cutting down on paperwork, medical professionals can be more efficient. Augmedix is a certified partner of Google’s Glass At Work program

16 Jun, 2014

First certified partners


Google names its first certified partners for the Glass At Work program. These partners include APX, AugMedix, Crowdoptic, GuidiGO and Wearable Intelligence. The companies will work to integrate Google Glass for business as well as medical uses. APX Labs’ app will provide business professionals with real-time enterprise data. Augmedix will provide medical professionals with a system to make patient visits efficient. Crowdoptic will create an app that will detect broadcast events in various categories. GuidiGo will work with museums and cultural institutions to enhance visitors’ experience. Wearable Intelligence will create an app for various categories including energy, manufacturing and healthcare. The Glass At Work program will allow the companies to co-brand as well as list on the program website.

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