Gone Girl

In the thriller based on the novel written by Gillian Flynn and directed by David Fincher, Pike plays the role of Amy, a missing woman suspected to have been murdered by her husband. Co-starring Ben Affleck and Neil Patrick Harris. There were definitely moments when I felt very uneasy with how much power Amy had. And the […]

Gone Girl

In the thriller based on the novel written by Gillian Flynn and directed by David Fincher, Affleck plays the role of Nick Dunne, a man with questionable morals accused of murdering his wife.  Co-starring Rosamund Pike and Neil Patrick Harris. There’s nothing really about this guy or character that I feel connected to personally, except […]

The Pursuit of Happyness

In the biopic drama directed by Gabriele Muccino, Smith plays Chris Gardner, a poverty stricken salesman who has custody of his son. Living on the streets and eating from soup kitchens, he gets the opportunity to be an intern as a stockbroker, eventually gaining the position with the company and becoming a millionaire. Costars Thandie […]

Jakob the Liar

In the drama directed by Peter Kassovitz, Williams plays the role of Jakob, the owner of a small cafe who begins inventing stories about the Russian army’s progress toward the Polish ghetto. Co-starring Liev Schrieber and Alan Arkin. Kassovitz: Robin had moments of doubt about doing something funny.   He was a little bit anxious about the […]

The Secret Agent

In the drama thriller directed by Christopher Hampton, based on the novel by Joseph Conrad, Williams plays an assassin who owns a porn shop London as a front. He really is an anarchist, who holds meetings in his apartment with plans to overthrow the government. Co-starring Bob Hoskins, Patricia Arquette, and Gerard Depardieu. I don’t carry the […]


Williams plays Osric in this drama directed by Kenneth Branagh based on the William Shakespeare play. Hamlet returns home to find out his father is dead and his mother is marrying his uncle who is his father’s murderer. Co-starring Billie Crystal, Julie Christie, and Derek Jacobi. Branagh on Williams: (He’s) an actor who would be funny, […]


In the crime thriller directed by Christopher Nolan, Williams plays the murderer of a teenage girl in Nightmute, AK, during summertime when there is 24 hours of daylight. Co-starring Al Pacino, Hilary Swank and Martin Donovan. Nolan: We’d been looking for somebody to play opposite Al who is not only a tremendous actor, but who also […]

Deconstructing Harry

In this comedy directed by Woody Allen, Williams plays a writer who friends and family realize that the characters and events in his books are actually things that have happened in real life, revealing this deepest secrets.  Costars Judy Davis and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I played a small role, … because, at some point, I made […]

Cadillac Man

In this comedy directed by Roger Donaldson, Williams plays a car salesman that must sell 12 cars before he loses his job. Co-starring Tim Robbins, Pamela Reed, and Fran Drescher. It’s hard being a car salesman, people have a misconception of you being a bad person, like an invisible man to mug you with options you […]


In this comedy directed by Barry Levinson, Williams plays a military general who inherits a toy factory. He starts making war toys and his employees have to band together to stop him from ruining the name of the toy store.  Costarring Michael Gambon and John Cusack. It was magnificently fun to do because I would […]

Shakes the Clown

In this comedy directed by Bobcat Goldthwait, Williams plays a mime class instructor. A drunk clown is accused of killing his boss, so he poses as a mime to gather information to clear his name. Costars Julie Brown, Bruce Baum, and Steve Bean. It allowed me to put some lessons to work. Many people wouldn’t think […]


In this drama directed by Penny Marshall, Williams plays Dr. Malcolm Sayer, based on the 1973 nonfiction book by Oliver Sacks. Williams portrays a physician who cares for victims of the 1920s encephalitis lethargica epidemic. The patients are revived after he experiments with a new medication determined to bring these people back to a normal state. Co-starring Robert […]

The Survivors

Williams portrays Donald Quinelle, an executive who is fired from his job in Michael Ritchie’s comedy. He goes to a diner and meets Sonny Paluso (Walter Matthau) who owns a gas station that was blown up.  The two of them witness a robbery and the hit man threatens to kill them. Quinelle becomes obsessed with guns as a way […]

Being Human

In this fantasy drama directed by Bill Forsyth, Williams plays the part of Hector who starts out as a caveman that lost his wife and is reincarnated over and over again until he is a modern day divorced man trying to get to know his kids.  He learns the meaning of life over four lifetimes. […]

Seize the Day

In this drama directed by Fielder Cook, Williams plays a salesman who lost his girlfriend, his job, and some of his sanity, who moves to New York to start his life over again.  Co-starring Richard B. Shull and David Bickford. On working on the film during hurricane Gloria: All of the city has shut down with […]

On the Ledge

In this comedy directed by Peter Ferrera, Williams costars as himself in a movie that is completely improvised with no written scripts that allowed the actors to make up the skits as they went along. Co-starring Jonathan Winters, Susan Anton, Milton Berle, and Phyllis Diller. It was fun to work on.  We would drive out, use […]

Can I Do It Till I Need Glasses?

Williams plays a lawyer and a man with a toothache in this film of short sexually suggestive skits, directed by Robert Levy.  Co-starring Roger Behr and Joey Camen. Williams states about this first film: Gave me the idea that it can be free-form, that you can go in and out of things pretty easily.

Club Paradise

Directed by Harold Ramis, in this comedy Williams plays Jack Moniker who retires and moves to a Caribbean island named St. Nicholas and makes friends with an owner of a run down resort.  To avoid the resort being taken due to non-payment of taxes, the two of them renovate and reopen the resort to entice […]

The Best of Times

In this comedy directed by Roger Spottiswoode, Williams plays Jack Dundee, a bank vice-president who dropped an important football pass 13 years prior.  He has never gotten over this and decides to have a rematch with the rival team only to find out that his father-in-law is rooting for the rivals. Co-starring Kurt Russell, Pamela Reed, […]

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

In this fantasy based on the novel written by Rudolph Erich Raspe and directed by Terry Gilliam, Williams plays the The Man on the Moon. The film is about a Baron who needs to end a war he started himself by flying into outerspace on a cannonball, being swallowed by a whale, ballooning to the […]

‘Wanted quick death’

Teresa Cohen, 32, the wife of a TV executive who attended Hazelden Addiction Treatment Centre in Lindstrom, Minnesota in July at the same time as Williams says: It was obvious there was something much, much deeper going on inside him. Even though he would goof around from time to time, just like he did on screen, […]

Ice Bucket Challenge: Jon Cryer

Cryer accepts Charlie Sheen’s Ice Bucket Challenge to bring awareness about the ALS disease and to raise money for ALS research.  He dumps both cash and ice water on himself. I too will be donating ten thousand dollars to ALS Research today He nominates Andy Richter and Bryan Cranston to do the challenge.

Ice Bucket Challenge: Charlie Sheen

Sheen does his own version of the Ice Bucket Challenge after being nominated by Ryan Miller and instead of dumping ice water, he dumps cash. Oh wait, that’s not ice, that’s ten thousand dollars in cash which I am donating to the ALS Foundation because let’s face it, ice is gonna melt, but this cash […]

Ice Bucket Challenge

Cruise and McQuarrie join the fight against ALS by enduring the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for ALS research.  They were nominated by Hugh Jackman and since many of the cast members were not there, they also take on their challenges so as to not miss the 24 hour deadline. As a result they are doused […]

Baby boy born

The Bales are new parents to their second child, a baby boy.  The baby’s name has not yet been disclosed.  Source: They are truly a supportive couple, he and Sibi are thrilled.


Parker serves as a bridesmaid for her friend and employee, Melinda Relyea for her marriage to James Kearns at First Presbyterian Church in Greenwich, Connecticut. Its wedding day for Melinda! My bridesmaid dress, stretching, releasing wrinkles and then a quick disco nap before heading towards church and a very joyous day and night. X sj  

Gun birthday cake

Willis turns 26 and receives a gun shaped birthday cake from her mother, Demi Moore. Best birthday cake ever. Thank you mama …I want to say thank you to everyone who helped me get here … I thank you all because I would not be the woman I am today without all of you. I can’t […]

Hilton, Rothschild engaged

Hilton gets engaged to Rothschild after receiving a ring on a boat outing in Italy, with Rothschild down on a bended knee. Hilton met Rothschild at supermodel Petra Ecclestone and James Stunt’s wedding in Italy in 2011, and have been dating ever since. Source: They went on a romantic anniversary trip over the weekend. He took her out on […]

Vale Guthrie Feldman born

Guthrie gives birth to a girl named Vale Guthrie Feldman weighing 8.5 pounds and 19.5 inches long. My 3am wake up call sounds a lot different now. Sweeter…Every new parent must want to shout their happy news to the world. So lucky we got to do it on @TODAYshow! We are bursting with joy.

Checks into rehab

Willis checks into an Arizona rehab facility for undisclosed reasons.  She is getting help after being given an ultimatum when her father, Bruce Willis, threatened to take everything away from her. Willis has had issues since her parent’s divorce and has body dysmorphia syndrome: I’m diagnosed with body dysmorphia [because of] reading those stupid f–king tabloids […]

Suicide Facebook post

Gracin makes an alarming post on Facebook suggesting plans to take his life.  This seems to be brought on by problems between he and his wife, Ann Marie. I’ve loved her for 17 years.  She turned her back on me when I needed her help the most.  Please remember me as someone who gave his all in […]

Boy camps in store for days

A 14-year-old boy camps out in a Corsicana, Texas, Walsmart behind the baby and home goods aisles. Customers never noticed two hidden compounds where the boy was able to store necessities, sleep in a makeshift bed and and eat items taken from inside the store. To avoid drawing attention to himself to use the bathroom, the teen put on […]

Modeling debut

West makes his modeling debut wearing a Chanel brooch and bag. The black and white photos can be seen in the fifth issue of CR Fashion Book.  Speaking on West’s look, Karl Lagerfeld: It’s never too early to care about fashion.

‘Thank you’

Krasinski, who was a co-star with Williams in the popular 2007 movie License to Wed, sends his thoughts via Twitter when he heard the news about Williams’ death. To the kindest hearted man. Robin, know you will always be remembered by smiles, laughter and love. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. — John Krasinski (@johnkrasinski) […]

Throws bridal shower

Simpson throws a Hawaiian themed bridal shower for her sister Ashlee at her Los Angeles home. Simpson showed off her body in a black swimsuit during the shower. On staying fit for the wedding: Knowing that I have the wedding coming up is an incentive to stay on Weight Watchers, count my points and stay […]

Hanged self, cut wrists

Marin County’s assistant chief deputy coroner, Keith Boyd, reveals that Williams hanged himself in his California home and died by asphyxia and he suspended himself from a belt wedged between a door and a door frame in a seated position just off the ground. When found by his assistant, Williams’ right shoulder was pressed against the door, […]


After being five months behind in mortgage payments on her Beverly Hills home leaving her over $100,000 in payments, Barton’s $8 million Beverly Hills home is in foreclosure and she will lose the estate unless she makes payment arrangements or gets current on her mortgage soon. She has been splitting her time between her London and Los […]

Harold Greene dies

Greene is killed while in Kabul, Afghanistan, by a man dressed as an Afghan soldier. It is believed Greene was not targeted but that the gunman opened fire and he was one of the 15 that were hit. This was his first deployment into the war zone and he was preparing troops for when they […]

Marilyn Burns dies at 64

Burns dies aged of 64. She is found dead by a family member and her cause of death is unknown. Chris Roe, her talent manager: It is with sad news that I can officially confirm that actress, Marilyn Burns passed away earlier today.

Jim Brady dies at 73

Brady dies at the age of 73 from a series of health issues.  Josh Ernest, the current Press Secretary: Brady “leaves the kind of legacy … that certainly this press secretary and all future press secretaries will aspire to live up to He is survived by his wife, Sarah; a son, Scott; and a daughter, […]

Adopts ’30 mile walk’ dog

Rosburg adopts a lab named Lady from a shelter. Lady’s owner passed away and she was put in the shelter. She is adopted by a family and lives there for 2 years and does well until the family adopts another smaller dog. According to the family, Lady has a hard time getting accustomed to the […]