‘Stress Test’ announced

Geithner’s book,  ‘Stress Test,’ detailing how the Obama administration handled the Syrian Crisis, Obamacare and the clandestine talks with Iran, will be available Monday. While Geithner has not provided the White House with advance copies of his book, it has been reviewed by lawyers at Treasury and the Federal Reserve.

Announces ‘Hard Choices’ book

Clinton’s upcoming book, Hard Choices, will reflect how she defines her legacy as part of Obama team. The book be available for purchase in June 10,2014, Publisher Simon & Schuster say in a statement and will offer an “inside account of the crises, choices and challenges that Clinton faces as secretary of state”. Clinton: All of us […]

Iran Admiral: US ships are target

Iran is targeting American ships in the Persian Gulf in case of war. Iranian Revolutionary Guard naval forces exercise with a mock up American Carrier in case of a full scale war with the United States. Admiral Ali Fadavi, who leads the Iranian naval forces remarks: Aircraft carriers are the symbol of America’s military might. The carriers […]