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13 Jan, 2016

The Name of God is Mercy


Pope Francis publishes The Name of God is Mercy. The book makes no new leaps of doctrine, but uses a “conversational” style to discuss the Pope’s reasons for proclaiming a Holy Year of Mercy. The Pope takes particular issue with those who cast stones at others’ sins. When asked about a particular lifestyle considered sinful:

Who am I to judge? Before all else comes the individual person, in his wholeness and dignity.

8 Jan, 2016

Anti-Education new translation


The New York Review of Books publishes a translation of Nietzsche’s Anti-Education. Translated by Searls, the book consists of five lectures given by Nietzsche to the Basel Museum in 1872. Searls seeks to strip away the revisionism of Nietzsche’s works imposed by his virulently anti-Semitic sister, Elisabeth Förster-Nietzche, who had custody of him during the later years of his life. In On Education, Nietzsche argues that the educational system of his time does not instruct students in independent thinking but resorts to “the ubiquitous encouragement of everyone’s so-called ‘individual personality.” The editors go on to describe Nietzsche as the “anti-academic.”

26 Jul, 2015

Everybody has a Window and Aisle Seat


McLendon, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 19 years ago, publishes Everybody has a Window and Aisle Seat: Choosing a Positive Approach to Parkinson’s Disease. McLendon’s book encourages readers to” laugh loud and often, shun pity, shed ‘downer’ friends, and always refuse to give up or play a passive role”. She credits the support of her family and friends for helping her maintain her attitude.

We all have a choice. We can either choose to take an aisle seat and its limited view, withdraw and only look inward at ourselves and thus have a ‘Why me?’ attitude, or we can choose the window seat, focus outward at the opportunities and say ‘Why not me?’

17 Jul, 2015

Updates Koran


Assad orders the release of a revised version of the Koran in order to correct distortion and misleading lessons, announcing the changes on television with the Minister of religious endowments (Awqaf), and members of the Ministry’s Permanent Committee for the Holy Koran Affairs. The new version will contain simplified letters standardised by official accredited standards set by Koranic scholars.

We truly need such acts at this critical stage of distortion and misleading,

24 Mar, 2015



Heretic coverHirsi Ali releases her fourth book, Heretic, a plea for a Muslim Reformation as the way to end the horrors of terrorism, sectarian warfare and the repression of women and minorities. She says that some of Islam’s key teachings are incompatible with the values of a free society and proposes five amendments to Islamic doctrine: dethroning Mohammad as an infallible prophet, and scrapping a literalist reading of the Quran; elevating the rewards of human life over those of eternal life (which delegitimizes martyrdom); replacing the most barbarous parts of Sharia with practical man-made legislation; promoting concerted action to stigmatize those tempted to take religious law into their own hands; and, last, repudiating the theological warrant for jihad.

2 Mar, 2015

Releasing low-fat cookbook


Deen will release a low-fat cookbook entitled Paula Deen Cuts the Fat. The book will come out September 15.

I created 200 amazing light recipes. Plus, I cut the calories from 50 of my favorite classic dishes. The best part is that the same delicious southern taste remains.

19 Feb, 2015

Book Launch


Solomon launches her first book, Walk On By, an erotic romance. Lady Victoria Hervey, Louis Spence and Louise Hazel attend the party.

18 Feb, 2015

What Pet Should I Get?


What Pet Should I Get, a posthumous book by Dr. Suess, is set to release in July. The book is a compilation of text and sketches found in Suess’s home office by his widow Geisel:

While undeniably special, it is not surprising to me that we found this because Ted always worked on multiple projects and started new things all the time.

29 Oct, 2014

Writes memoir


jennifer-lopez-435Lopez releases her memoir, True Love. In True Love, Lopez writes that she’s felt abused in some of her relationships.

I’ve never gotten a black eye or a busted lip, but I’ve felt abused in one way or another: mentally, emotionally, verbally.

14 Oct, 2014

The Best in the World at What I Have No Idea


best in the worldJericho releases the third book in his memoir series. The book follows the latest chapters in Jericho’s musical and wrestling careers.

Maybe before they’ve read the first one they might wonder why you’d need another, but it’s easy to see you’ve experienced a lot of very strange things in your life and career that no one else has.


1 Jul, 2014

Diary of a Mad Diva


Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 3.12.15 PMRivers publishes Diary of a Mad Diva, a satirical rift on diary writing. She lambasts Anne Frank and Sylvia Plath, as well as celebrities and royalty. Based on the premise that her daughter gave her a diary for Christmas, Rivers wonders “who the hell does Melissa think she is? That fat pig, Bridget Jones?”

Woke up not feeling well. I spent the entire day online on WebMD. … I can say with 100 percent certainty that I have pleurisy, tuberculosis, brain stem cancer or an enlarged prostate. I found a great cure for whatever ails you. God bless the Internet! A coffee enema. … The only negative: I can never go back to Starbucks.

7 May, 2014

Announces ‘Hard Choices’ book


Clinton’s upcoming book, Hard Choices, will reflect how she defines her legacy as part of Obama team. The book be available for purchase in June 10,2014, Publisher Simon & Schuster say in a statement and will offer an “inside account of the crises, choices and challenges that Clinton faces as secretary of state”. Clinton:

All of us face hard choices in our lives

8 Oct, 2013

I am Malala


autobioThe schoolgirl releases her autobiography, I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and was Shot by the Taliban. The book is co-written with Christina Lamb, a British journalist. It details the Taliban’s attack on the school bus she was riding where she was shot in the head. The book also describes the life in Swat valley, Pakistan under the rule of the Taliban. Other details about her life include her father briefly considering becoming a jihadist when he was young, and her culture shock and eventual adjustment in the way of life in England.

I was spared for a reason — to use my life for helping people.

24 Sep, 2013

Doctor Sleep


doctor_sleep_property_embedKing releases a highly-anticipated sequel to The Shining following Dan Torrance as a grown adult being haunted by the beings of the Overlook Hotel from the hellish childhood year he had spent there with his family. Doctor Sleep also follows a group of traveling gypsies that feed off of the steam released by people who have the Shining as they are slowly tortured to death. While traveling on a promotional tour, King asked his fans for advice about two potential projects he would be interested in working on.

I mentioned two potential projects while I was on the road, one […] a sequel to The Shining called Doctor Sleep. Are you interested in reading either of these? If so, which one turns your dials more? [We] will be counting your votes (and of course it all means nothing if the muse doesn’t speak).

DOCTOR SLEEP by Stephen King

11 Jun, 2013



Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 3.15.29 PMConrad releases her sixth book titled Infamous. Infamous is the third book in Conrad’s series The Fame Game. The novel will continue to follow main character Madison as she films her reality show and tries not to get caught up in being famous. Conrad she is both excited and sad that she has completed this book series.

It’s good. I mean it’s exciting to finish it and you know it’s a nice accomplished. It’s a little sad because it means I’m done and this was a series I really enjoyed working on.

16 Apr, 2013



Duff releases third and final installment in her Elixir Trilogy. The novel titled True follows the final chapters of a love story between main character Clea and character Sage as well as the adventures between Clea and her best friend Ben.

There is so much adventure and love in the book. There is a little bit for everyone so it was a big moment for me.

Hilary Duff Interview

14 Jan, 2013

Startup Life book release


Startup LifeIn Startup Life: Surviving and Thriving in a Relationship with an Entrepreneur, Feld and Batchelor, share their personal experiences of living in an entrepreneurial relationship. The book offers strategies for balancing entrepreneurship with relationships, including waiting for a good time for real conversation, life dinners, quarterly vacations off the grid, no TV in the bedroom and always answering your phone when your beloved calls.

26 Dec, 2012

Venture Deals 2nd edition release


Venture Deals CoverThe Second Edition of Venture Deals is released. The book builds on the first edition by outlining the essential elements of the venture capital term sheet, introducing readers to the various participants in a funding situation, and includes strategies to getting to a fair deal

24 Oct, 2012



Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 7.17.10 PMConrad releases her fifth novel Starstruck. The novel is a sequel to her fourth novel Fame Game. Starstruck continues to follow main character Madison and her friends as she navigates Los Angeles and the world of fame.

Honestly the biggest (challenge) was time. A lot of late nights and almost losing it over my laptop, but that was the only thing. It got a little rough.