Nigerian villagers kill members

Members of a Nigerian village kill dozens of people they suspect to be Boko Haram members planning a new attack on their village. The villagers take control of two trucks they believe to be carrying Boko Haram members, detaining ten people and killing at least 41 alleged Boko Haram fighters.

Nigerian government considers Negotiations

The Nigerian government is considering “all options” when it comes to freeing nearly 300 kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls, including negotiating with Boko Haram or a possible military operation with foreign aid. These actions are spurred by the fear that the girls could be sold into slavery or married off to Boko Haram fighters.

President cancels trip to kidnapping scene

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan cancels his visit to the scene of the Boko Haram led kidnapping of more than 300 Nigerian girls from the Northeastern village of Chibok. Instead, Jonathan is flying from the capital Abuja to the Boko Haram summit in Paris to discuss the kidnapping and insecurity in Nigeria.

Ukrainians flee eastern region

Ukrainians are fleeing the Russian-occupied Eastern regions amid violent threats. Russians are tracking down Ukrainians, via photos on a popular Russian social media site, for partaking in pro-Ukrainian actions. Many of these people are fleeing to Kiev in an attempt to escape the violence in Eastern Ukrainian cities of Slovyansk, Kramatorsk and Mariupol.

Pro-Russian activists retreat from east Ukraine city

Pro-Russian insurgents are being pushed out of the Eastern Ukraine city of Mariupol by local steelworkers who are forcing them out of government buildings they had seized. The Citizen-led patrols are supported by Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine’s wealthiest man,

Cause of Death: Heroin Overdose

According to The Times of London, Geldolf suffered a fatal Heroin overdose on April 7. Her mother, Paula Yates had also died from a Heroin overdose. Her son, Phaedra, was reportedly found by her side when police went to her house after a friend called them to check on her. 


Ukraine says its security forces are unable to maintain peace in two eastern Ukrainian regions along the Russian border. In some instances, Ukrainian police have even sided with pro-Russian gunmen who are taking over government buildings and holding people hostage. According to Oleksandr Turchynov, their main goal at the moment is to prevent the violence […]

Adam Silver Bans Donald Sterling

NBA commissioner Adam Silver announces his intention to ban Donald Sterling from the NBA. The ban would not allow Sterling from associating with the Clippers or the NBA and he would never be allowed to attend another game. Silver also fines sterling the maximum amount of $2.5 million.

Russia will respond to sanctions

Russia is saying they will respond to newly imposed sanctions from the West for their behavior in the Ukraine crisis. The European Union releases its list of 15 Russians and Ukrainians who are affected by the sanctions. This list includes the deputy chairman to the lower house of parliament, a deputy prime minister and a […]

Donald Sterling

More racist quotes surface from Sterling. In a recent phone call with his girlfriend, V. Stiviano, Sterling is heard saying in reference to his team members: Do I know? I support them and give them food, and clothes, and cars, and houses. Who gives it to them? Does someone else give it to them? Do I know […]