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Boko Haram is a terrorist group based in northern Nigeria, affiliated with al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab and other local and international extremist groups. Radical Islamic cleric Mohammed Yusuf started it in 2002 with the goal of ending Westernization through the creation of a separate Islamic state under sharia. The group has had several names but is best known as Boko Haram, which loosely translates from the Hausa as Western education is forbidden. Yusuf was killed in 2009 during a government crackdown. The group reemerged in 2011, under the leadership of Yusuf’s deputy Abubakar Shekau. The group has killed up to 12,000 people and injured another 8,000 in attacks on churches, schools and police stations, as well as in bank robberies, assassinations, and kidnappings.

2 Feb, 2016

UN denounces Nigeria terror attacks

Makes Statement

The UN denounces recent terror attacks in Nigeria and neighboring Cameroon. Boko Haram which earlier claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of Nigerian school girls is blamed for the latest atrocity.

The members of the Security Council reaffirmed that terrorism in all its forms and manifestations constitutes one of the most serious threats to international peace and security…The members of the Security Council underlined the need to bring perpetrators, organizers, financiers and sponsors of these reprehensible acts of terrorism to justice. They stressed that those responsible for these terrorist attacks should be held accountable, and urged all States, in accordance with their obligations under international law and relevant Security Council resolutions, to cooperate actively with all relevant authorities in this regard.

13 Aug, 2015

Gives military three months

Makes Statement

Buhari swears in a new set of military chiefs in Abuja, ordering them to end Boko Haram’s Islamist insurgency within three months.

 You need to brace up and continue to team up with other stakeholders to come up with a well co-ordinated joint effort which will bring a desired end to these insurgencies within three months. The activities of these misguided groups and individuals have resulted in wanton destruction of lives and properties of our citizens and a disruption of social economic lives of millions of Nigerians.

The president urges the armed forces to conform with international law.

In particular you must protect innocent civilians and respect the rights of combatants.

Leadership change

Makes Statement

Chad’s President Deby says Boko Haram has a new leader. He does not say what had happened to Shekau, but says he had been replaced by Daoud – who has not been heard of before. Derby says Daoud is open to dialogue.

Boko Haram is decapitated. There are little groups [of fighters] scattered throughout east Nigeria, on border with Cameroon. It is within our power to definitely overcome Boko Haram.

Deby added that he would not recommend that Nigeria negotiate with ‘a terrorist’.

10 Aug, 2015

US to provide military training

Makes Statement

After his four-person bipartisan delegation meets with Buhari and military service chiefs, Issa says the U.S. is ready to provide military training to help Nigeria’s battle against Islamic extremists. He says Nigeria’s military is not outgunned by Boko Haram and needs training, not arms, to defeat the insurgents. This contradicts Buhari, who says that the United States is aiding Boko Haram by refusing to sell attack helicopters to Nigeria. Issa:

The number one thing we bring is professional training to help the Nigerian forces fight Boko Haram and to advise them how to treat insurgents and civilians captured in the war zone. [Nigeria’s military] doesn’t lack basic firearms … it lacks training in military strategy and in international and humanitarian laws. This is a military that was allowed to fall into disrepair during the previous administration. Morale is low when training is low.

He says Obama’s pledge to give whatever training is needed signals ‘a new day’ in U.S.-Nigeria relations.

9 Aug, 2015

Returnees allege discrimination

Makes Statement

Residents of Michika, whose communities have been recaptured from Boko Haram, rsay alarm over alleged discriminatory distribution of relief materials. Some of the returnees say a leading tribe in the area is marginalizing the other tribes using ethno-religious sentiments to distribute relief items and denying many other relief items. A returnees:

Whenever there is a relief material to be distributed, members of a particular tribe which I don’t want to mention would dominate the distribution points making sure that other tribes do not benefit. If there is a list to be taken, they make sure that only their tribes men or kith and kins were listed for support. My people are experiencing this particularly in Garta village of the area.

Another complainant also calls for government intervention to check the discrimination, adding that Michika Local Government has long history of ethno-religious tension that is aggravated by the Boko Haram crisis.

This is the time for relevant authorities and leaders from the area to intervene to address this problem before it turns into an ethno- religious crisis being experienced in parts of Plateau and Kaduna states.

6 Aug, 2015

Seven killed, four arrested

Terror Incident

At least seven people are killed in attacks on Malari and three other neighbouring village in a remote area of Borno State by suspected Boko Haram members. A member of youth vigilante group says the insurgents started with Malari and proceeded to the three other villages, shooting on sight.

Casualties were minimal because people fled as soon as they heard about the Malari attack. That is why the casualty figure is seven, our men counted the corpses when they went to evacuate the dead ones after the Monday attacks.

A local politician from the area, tells the state governor during a visit to the area that nearly 1,000 people were displaced by the attacks. Four suspected members of the terror group are arrested by members of the youth vigilante group in a raid on the suspected hideouts of the insurgents after an earlier attack.

All four suspects who are locals of Malari village were disowned and exposed by their families on returning to the village. We arrested two of them today after their father handed them over to us, then they led us into the bush where two others hid themselves.

Upon interrogation, one of the suspects confessed their affiliation with the group. The suspects are paraded before the state governor. The governor, who recently returned from a visit with Buhari to the United States and neighbouring Cameroon, assures the villagers that his recent trip would soon yield positive results and that destroyed homes would be rebuilt.

Army finds cut street poles, stolen animals

Military Action

While clearing terrorists in and around Dikwa, Borno State, Nigerian troops discover a pile of street lamp poles cut into pieces by Boko Haram terrorists which they use in making Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) for terror activities in parts of the North-East. Troops also recover 15 cows, 174 goats and a donkey from rustlers. Troops have near Jakana, arrest a fuel supplier to Boko Haram terrorists and Madu who coordinates buying of food items from neighbouring villages for the terrorists. The Nigerian military also blocked Boko Haram elements that attacked Dumbuluwa village.

Release beheading video

TV Appearance

Boko Haram releases a video of a uniformed man – believed to be a police officer – being handcuffed, held at gunpoint and beheaded. The footage – released by terrorist operating in the north of Nigeria – also shows militants attacking an army barracks. The eight-minute video clip, shared on social media, is recorded in a similar style to videos released by ISIS. The video shows intense firefights in the day and night time on army barracks in Borno and Yobe. The extremists are filmed carrying AK-47s and are backed up by tanks and heavy weaponry. The footage cuts to a scene with a man dressed in uniform – believed to be a policeman – who is then held down and beheaded by three jihadis. An unidentified fighter, shown in the video with looted army weapons and ammunition, and an ISIS flag, says the footage shows Nigeria’s military has not forced Boko Haram from its positions and got them hemmed into the Sambisa Forest, as the military has claimed.

Cameroon expels thousands

Cameroon expels more than 3,000 Nigerians, and arrests hundreds of other Cameroonians and Nigerians accused of collaborating with Boko Haram. The Nigerians who are deported said they were refugees but were not staying at camps and lacked identification papers. They were taken across the border to the Nigerian town of Mubi. Official:

In the different villages there is a certain population of foreigners and they are hiding behind some Cameroonians and hiding those Boko Haram suspects.

In Nigeria, many of those expelled said they were forced out quickly:

It was a terrible journey. We spent almost six days on the road. We initially pleaded with the Cameroonian officials to give us grace of some days, but were put in trucks.

5 Aug, 2015

Report: Some members want dialogue

Makes Statement

The Centre for Crisis Communication says some elements of Boko Haram have reached out to the centre to facilitate dialogue with the federal government to end the insurgency in the country. The Center says that while the option of dialogue with the group is a hard sell, the window opened recently by President Buhari on the possibility of dialogue with genuine members of the terrorist group rekindled the hope for dialogue.

However the founder of Future Prowess Islamic Foundation, which takes care of hundreds of children, including those that lost their parents as a result of the Boko Haram crisis says several mistakes were made in the past and urged the government to trade softly.

 We had phantom offers of dialogue in the past that did not yield any positive result and we must not complicate the issue any further. Government and our security forces must not give room for scammers. The real Boko Haram terrorists are in the hinterland; the way they operate is different. Yes, some members or foot soldiers of the Boko Haram may offer themselves available for dialogue but do they have the capacity to make any impact? Do they have the outreach to stop the mayhem we are experiencing? Do they have the ware withal to tell their members to lay down their arms? The answer is no. Our security agents must use their knowledge of intelligence to verify the identity of those that make the recent offer so that resources would not be wasted for a fruitless exercise.

Lawmaker urges Boko Haram negotiation

Makes Statement

A member of the House of Representatives urges Buhari to negotiate with Boko Haram for the release of the abducted Chibok girls.

However, if it is about the Chibok girls, I support negotiating with Boko Haram. Life is precious. Anything that will bring the girls back is in order. Outside that, we should not negotiate with them. By the way who are we negotiating with? They have no agenda; nothing! They say they are anti book, yet they kill uneducated farmers. They say they are muslims, yet they kill Rasheeds and Ibrahims innocently selling goods at markets in the North East. Meanwhile, with Buhari who has deep background in military and security, I believe we will soon end them (Boko Haram). We also have to block corruption in the military.

4 Aug, 2015

US considers lifting Leahy Law

Makes Statement

Congressman Issa tells military authorities in the Nigerian capital Abuja that the US is considering whether to relax or completely lift the ban to improve Nigeria’s fight against Boko Haram.

This is because of the trust in the new regime which has begun the process of ensuring that the military’s professionalism in the battle field is made in a way that we all can be confident that the rule of law is followed. Following this development, we have begun the process of lifting restrictions under the Leahy Law but the vast majority of the support US provides will be given regardless of the restrictions.


Leader absent from video

Boko Haram releases a new video in Nigeria, with leader Shekau again failing to appear in it. His continued absence increases speculation that Shekau is in deep hiding, or has been killed.. In the eight-minute video, an unidentified young man speaks in the name of the Islamic State in West Africa calling on people to be patient:

We are still present everywhere we had been before.

The man speaks in the regional Hausa language, with subtitles in Arabic and English. The video shows the militants attacking a security checkpoint, seizing weapons, and slitting the throat of a man dressed in a police uniform.

3 Aug, 2015

Arrests two suspected terrorists


Cameroon authorities arrest two suspected members of Boko Haram disguised as female refugees. The men, who were carrying explosives in their luggage, are stopped at the Minawao refugee camp in the north of the country, near the border with Nigeria. Cameroon’s government spokesman says the men are being interrogated. He also says authorities arrested a number of foreigners suspected of collaborating with Boko Haram.

1 Aug, 2015

Sends 800 troops

Benin’s President Boni Yayi announces he will send 800 troops to join a new multinational force tasked with fighting Boko Haram militants after meeting with Buhari. Troops for the multinational force, which includes soldiers from Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger and Chad as well as Benin, are set to be deployed at any time, according to its commander Major General Abbah. The force, made up of 8,700 troops and headquartered in Chad, is expected to help with better coordination of the regional offensive.

23 Jul, 2015

Claims Leahy law aids Boko Haram

Makes Statement

Buhari says the US Leahy Law, which prohibits the US Department of State and Department of Defence from providing military assistance to foreign military units that violate human rights, aids Boko Haram. He says that the blanket application of the Leahy Law by the US on the grounds of unproven allegations of human rights violations levelled against the Nigerian Armed forces denies the country access to appropriate strategic weapons to prosecute the war against the insurgents.

In the face of abduction of innocent school girls from their hostels, indiscriminate bombings of civilians in markets and places of worship, our forces have remained largely impotent because they do not possess the appropriate weapons and technology, which they could have had, had the so-called human rights violations not been an obstacle. Unwittingly, and I dare say, unintentionally, the application of the Leahy law amendment by the US government has aided and abetted the Boko Haram terrorist group in the prosecution of its extremist ideology and hate, the indiscriminate killings and maiming of civilians, in raping of women and girls, and in their other heinous crimes. I believe this is not the spirit of the Leahy Laws. I know the American people cannot support any group engaged in these crimes.

Responds to Buhari

Makes Statement

Senator Leahy, in a statement titled, Buhari’s Mis-Directed Criticism of the Leahy Law on Human Rightssays President Buhari should clean up military units allegedly implicated in atrocities in order to get more military support from US instead of rebuking the Leahy Law. He charges Buhari to direct his attention to and clean up the units implicated in such atrocities.

It is well documented by the State Department and by respected human rights organisations that Nigerian army personnel have, for many years, engaged in a pattern and practice of gross violations of human rights against the Nigerian people and others, including summary executions of prisoners, indiscriminate attacks against civilians, torture, forced disappearances and rape. Rarely have the perpetrators been prosecuted or punished. This abusive conduct not only violates the laws of war, it creates fear and loathing among the Nigerian people whose support is necessary to defeat a terrorist group like Boko Haram. President Buhari ignores the undisputed fact that most Nigerian army units have been approved, under the Leahy Law, for U.S. training and equipment. Only those particular units against which there is credible evidence of the most heinous crimes are ineligible for U.S. aid. And even those units can again become eligible if the Nigerian Government takes effective steps to bring the responsible individuals to justice.

I strongly agree with President Buhari about the need to defeat Boko Haram, and I have supported tens of millions of dollars in U.S. aid to Nigeria for that purpose. But rather than suggest that the United States is at fault for not funding murderers and rapists in the Nigerian military, he should face up to his own responsibility to effectively counter Boko Haram.

17 Jul, 2015

Suicide bombing

An elderly woman and a ten-year-old girl are identified as being behind the blasts at a screening area for Eid prayers in Damaturu, just as prayers get underway to mark the end of the month-long Ramadan fast. Four persons die in the first explosion and seven people are injured, while five people lose their lives in the second explosion and 11 are wounded. Official:

Troops and security agencies responded immediately. The situation is under control. Both Yobe State Governor and the Chief of Army Staff, sympathise with and urged the people to stay calm and be security conscious.

19 fighters killed

Military Action

At least 19 Boko Haram fighters and two Chadian soldiers are killed in combat after the insurgents attack a Chadian village. Chad security:

Boko Haram attacked the post of Konguia at around five in the morning, the army responded, killing 19 Boko Haram members. A soldier died and the attackers fled to Nigeria.

13 Jul, 2015

Bans burqa

Law approved

Chadian police says anyone caught wearing a full-face veil will be arrested. Police:

This attack just confirms that a ban on the full-face veil was justified, adding that, it now must be respected more than ever by the entire population. Anyone who does not obey the law will be automatically arrested and brought to justice,

11 Jul, 2015

Suicide bomber kills 15

Terror Incident

A man dressed in a burqa blows himself up in the main market of the capital N’Djamena, killing 15 people and injuring 80. No group claims responsibility, but Chad blames Boko Haram. Police:

The suicide bomber was a man disguised in a burqa. He tried to enter the market when he was intercepted by police. That is when he detonated the bomb.

10 Jul, 2015

First beheading video

TV Appearance

Boko Haram releases its first video of a beheading. The ten minute-long video begins with exchange machine gun fire and heavy mortar fire against Nigerian troops. It shows group members  standing next to the corpses of scorched Nigerian troops – and showing off their security badges to the camera. The video ends with the murder of a captured African Union soldier. The man kneels in front of three masked Boko Haram members – two of whom point AK47s at his head. The video then cuts to reveal his decapitated body lying motionless on the floor.

We announce to you to the good news of the expansion of the caliphate to West Africa. Our caliph has accepted the pledge of loyalty of our brothers of Boko Haram so we congratulate Muslims and our jihadi brothers in West Africa.

6 Jul, 2015

13-year-old suicide bomber killed

Terror Incident

A girl aged about 13 is killed when explosives strapped to her body goes off near a major mosque in northern Nigeria’s largest city Kano. No one else is caught up in the blast. Police:

She blew up killing herself. Nobody else was hurt in the incident, It’s very likely the mosque was her target, but the explosives went off prematurely.

28 Jun, 2015

Condemns attacks

Makes Statement

President Buhari condemns the latest terrorist attacks by the Boko Haram terrorists describing them as enemies of everybody. He also vows to hunt down the militants to the last man. The President says he is deeply touched by these mindless incidents of violence on innocent people during the month of Ramadan.

Make no mistake about it: this government is ever determined to discharge its fundamental duty of protecting the lives of its citizens from physical threats from any groups bent on creating chaos, confusion, and on destroying social and economic life of the people.

4 Jun, 2015

$7million bounty

Makes Statement

The Justice Department declares Shekau wanted and places a $7m bounty on his head.

Abubakar Shekau is the leader of Jama’atu Ahl as-Sunnah il-Da’awati wal-Jihad, more commonly known as Boko Haram…There are reported communications, training, and weapons links between Boko Haram, al-Qaida in the Lands of the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), al-Shabaab, and al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, which may strengthen Boko Haram’s capacity to conduct terrorist attacks.

Shekau was previously the group’s second-in-command. In July 2010, Shekau publicly claimed leadership of Boko Haram and threatened to attack Western interests in Nigeria. Later that month, Shekau issued a second statement expressing solidarity with al-Qaida and threatening the United States. Under Shekau’s leadership, Boko Haram’s operational capabilities have grown.

28 Apr, 2015

Girls and women rescued

Military Action

Nigeria’s military says it is moving 200 girls and 93 women from a northeastern forest where they were rescued from Boko Haram extremists. The army says many are traumatized and that military will fly in medical and intelligence teams to establish their psychological and physical health. They started evacuating them from the Sambisa Forest but would not say to where. Military operations continue in the forest, while troops destroy four Boko Haram camps. Sources say Boko Haram used some of the women as armed human shields, a first line of defense who fired at troops.

26 Apr, 2015

Changes name

Boko Haram adopts the name ‘Islamic State’s West Africa Province’ (ISWAP). Propaganda materials shared by ISIS-affiliated social media accounts have dropped both it’s official name, Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-Jihad (Arabic for ‘People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teachings and Jihad’), and nickname Boko Haram, which means ‘western education is forbidden’ in favor of ISWAP,, and appear to share the production values and style more usually associated with jihadists in Syria and Iraq.

7 Mar, 2015

Pledges allegiance to ISIS

Boko Haram pledges allegiance to ISIS. In an audio message posted online, Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau:

We announce our allegiance to the Caliph of the Muslims … and will hear and obey in times of difficulty and prosperity, in hardship and ease, and to endure being discriminated against, and not to dispute about rule with those in power, except in case of evident infidelity regarding that which there is a proof from Allah

Boko Haram Leader Pledges Allegiance to ISIS

3 Jan, 2015

Baga massacre

Terror Incident

The group carries out series of mass killings in Nigerian town of Baga and surrounding areas. Over 2,000 people are killed. Muhammad Abba Gava, a civilian defense group spokesman:

The human carnage perpetrated by Boko Haram terrorists in Baga was enormous. No one could attend to the corpses and even the seriously injured ones who may have died by now.

13 Sep, 2014

‘Third world war’

Makes Statement

Pope Francis says that conflicts around the globe represent a third World War. During a Mass held at Italy’s largest war memorial, a Fascist-era monument where 100,000 soldiers who died in World War One are buried, the pontiff appears to be referring to the recent conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Gaza, Ukraine and Africa. The homily:

Humanity needs to weep and this is the time to weep … War is madness. Even today, after the second failure of another world war, perhaps one can speak of a third war, one fought piecemeal, with crimes, massacres, destruction … War is irrational; its only plan is to bring destruction: it seeks to grow by destroying. Greed, intolerance, the lust for power. These motives underlie the decision to go to war and they are too often justified by an ideology.

9 Sep, 2014

Kills ‘over 100 militants’

Cameroon government spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary says in a statement broadcast on national radio that the Cameroonian army has killed more than 100 Boko Haram fighters seeking to infiltrate the town of Fotokol on the northern tip of the country. The town is separated from the Boko Haram-held Nigerian border town of Gamboru Ngala only by a bridge. In what he describes as a ‘severe setback’ to the Nigeria-based militant group, he says Boko Haram fired two shells into Fotokol around 1 p.m. (0800 EDT):

There were no casualties reported on the Cameroonian side after the attack. Our defence forces responded vigorously with mortar fire aimed at the positions held by units of the Boko Haram terrorist group that was behind the attack. The Cameroonian response resulted in over 100 deaths among the aggressors.

7 Jul, 2014

Escape from captors


The 62 women and girls who were kidnapped in Nigeria last month escape from Boko Haram militants.  The women were able to escape when their captors left the camp to attack military and police in Damboa.  Bukar Kyari, a local vigilante fighting Boko Haram in Maiduguri, says:

The women seized that rare opportunity to escape when they realized they were alone in the camp.  But we still have five women, including a nursing mother, missing.

This group is believed to still be holding 200 missing schoolgirls that were abducted 80 days ago in Chibok.

9 Jun, 2014

20 women kidnapped

A member of a local vigilante organization set up to fight the group’s attacks says gunmen arrived at the Garkin Fulani nomadic settlement around noon on June 5th and and forced 20 women to enter their vehicles.  The kidnappers also took three young men who tried to stop the crime.  He reports:

We tried to go after them when the news got to us about three hours later, but the vehicles we have could not go far, and the report came to us a little bit late.

7 Jun, 2014

Attacks foiled, over 50 members killed

Multiple terrorist strikes are averted when soldiers intercept group members in Borno State as they file out of a forest.  A military spokesman says:

Troops conducting anti-terrorist campaign successfully averted attempted massive raids on villages in Borno and Adamawa states during the weekend. The terrorists who were on their way to attack selected communities were ambushed by troops along Bilta, Borno state on receiving intelligence report.

Over 50 terrorists die in the gun battle.  Four soldiers are wounded.  The military capture 30 rifles, 36 hand grenades, seven machine guns and 11 rocket-propelled grenade tubes.

African Union involved


After talks between the African Union and the United Nations in New York, Uganda’s ambassador says the African Union is involved in the search and using a wide range of measures.  He describes the AU’s involvement as:

…quiet diplomacy, because some of this information, we don’t want it to reach those who abducted the children.  There are intensified efforts and a number of countries are helping Nigeria.  Now some of those efforts cannot come into the public, but these efforts are there, and we are hoping that these girls can be recovered very soon.

6 Jun, 2014

Funding sources revealed


The Washington Post reports the group is funded by a network of black market dealings, local and international donations, and links to al-Qaeda and other Middle Eastern groups. They say the group received much of the $3 million that Osama bin-Laden sent to Nigeria around 2002. After founder Mohammed Yusuf fled to Saudi Arabia, the group’s leaders said much of their money came from al-Qaeda. The group gets additional money from al-Shabaab in Somalia and local al-Qaeda affiliates, as well as from ransoms and the black market. Bank robberies have brought it $6 million.

4 Jun, 2014

Four villages attacked, scores dead


Armed gunmen on ATVs and motorcycles, disguised as soldiers, attack Goshe, Attagara, Agapalwa and Aganjara villages in northeastern Borno State.  Some villagers escape across the border into Cameroon. Death counts are not yet known, but unconfirmed reports list over 100 people killed just in Goshe.  A Goshe resident tells CNN:

They laid siege on the village and opened fire with Kalashnikovs and fired RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades), burning the entire village with its 300 homes and a few mosques. We lost many people including vigilantes who tried to fight off the Boko Haram attackers.

3 Jun, 2014

Rallies again legal


As #BringBackOurGirls groups seek a court order to block the ban, Nigerian police announce that they will again allow peaceful rallies that urge the government to act on getting the girls released.  However, the police also say there is a risk that Boko Haram supporters will attack the demonstrations and advise those who want to attend to “seek proper advice and guidance from the police” in order to “avoid any unpleasant circumstances.”


15 senior officers convicted


Ten Nigerian generals and five other senior officers are found guilty in courts-martial of providing the group with information and arms.  The Defense Ministry denies the report.  Anonymous military sources tell Leadership newspaper that some senior officers and soldiers from a particular section of the country are deeply involved:

They have been found guilty of also collaborating with some top politicians in the country to make the country ungovernable for selfish reasons. A lot of reorganization is going on in the military. Many generals will go. Some will be court-martialed and some will be forcefully retired.  The movement of our troops in the northeast have been leaked to the Boko Haram by many of our colleagues, but the Defense headquarters has realized that and is seriously considering redeployment of some senior officers out of the northeast.

Four villages raided, dozens killed

Dozens of villagers are murdered, and hundreds of homes destroyed in Boko Haram raids on four villages in the northeastern Borno state of Nigeria. Churches, mosques, and homes are set afire, and residents attacked with Kalashnikovs and rocket propelled grenades. Many survivors flee to Cameroon. Peter Biye, a lawmaker and member of the Nigerian lower parliament comments:

We are still trying to compile a toll of the dead as people on the ground are still counting the number of casualties.

2 Jun, 2014

Police ban protests


Nigerian police ban demonstrations in the capital city of Abuja that demand the government rescue the girls.  Commissioner Joseph Mbu notes that the proliferation of protests there is posing a serious security threat and says:

I cannot fold my hands and watch this lawlessness. Information reaching us is that too soon dangerous elements will join the groups under the guise of protest and detonate explosive(s) aimed at embarrassing the government. Accordingly protests on the Chibok Girls is hereby banned with immediate effect.

1 Jun, 2014

Attacks four villages

Gunmen open fire on residents of the villages of Nuwari, Musari and Walori, killing several people, destroying much of the area, and taking livestock.  They also attack a wedding in Kolma village, where residents report them coming in after dark, shooting and tossing explosives into homes.  All four villages are in the Gamboru Ngala district of Borno state, near the Cameroon border.  Nigerian military officials aren’t immediately available for comment.

30 May, 2014

Kills emir, policemen

Borno State authorities say they suspect the group is behind today’s murder of a traditional emir.  The Emir of Gwoza, traveling with two other emirs to a attend a funeral, died when gunmen opened fire on his car in a rural community.  The other two emirs escaped, but two policemen were also killed.  Most of the cars in the convoy were destroyed.

29 May, 2014

Raids three villages, kills 35

Dozens of gunmen raid the Borno State villages of Gumushi, Amuda and Arbokko in the early morning, opening fire on residents and torching homes.  In Gumushi, at least 26 people are killed, while nine die in Amuda and Arbokko.  Thirteen people are seriously injured in Amuda.  An Arbokko resident says that people were asleep when Boko Haram struck at around 2 a.m. and the gunmen fired at them as they ran outdoors, trying to escape.

27 May, 2014

Kills 31 security personnel

The group attacks a Nigerian military base and police station in the town of Buni Yadi, killing 17 soldiers and 14 police officers.  The gunmen arrive in an armored personnel carrier and six pickup trucks.  After dismounting and firing into the air, they fire rocket-propelled grenades at the base and station, reportedly telling people on the street not to flee because they have only come for the security force. They also destroy the high court and residence of the district’s head.

Cameroon deploys troops to border

Cameroon deploys about 1,000 troops to the Nigerian border where the states of Borno and Adamawa are under emergency due to the insurgency.  A defense ministry spokesman says the troops will conduct reconnaissance missions and fire back if necessary.

23 May, 2014

UN adds group to sanctions list


At Nigeria’s request, the UN Security Council adds the group to its al-Qaeda Sanctions List.  According to the United Nations, the list includes both individuals and groups, and states are obliged to:

  • freeze without delay the funds and other financial assets or economic resources, including funds derived from property owned or controlled directly or indirectly
  • prevent the entry into or the transit through their territories
  • prevent the direct or indirect supply, sale, or transfer of arms and related material, including military and paramilitary equipment, technical advice, assistance or training related to military activities, with regard to the individuals, groups, undertakings and entities placed on the Al-Qaida Sanctions List.
22 May, 2014

Kills 29 field workers, wounds 10

Police report that suspected Boko Haram gunmen have shot and killed 29 farm workers who were working in the fields outside their village, Chukku Nguddoa, in Borno State.  Around 10 more workers have been wounded.  Most of the village, including its grain store, has been destroyed.

21 May, 2014

80 US troops in Chad to aid search

In a letter to House Speaker John Boehner, President Obama reports that 80 US troops have deployed to Chad as a drone launch-and-recovery team.  The president says they will remain as long as their support in resolving the kidnapping situation is needed.  Other US resources in the area include a Global Hawk drone and the MC-12 Liberty reconnaissance plane.

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