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9 Oct, 2015

Says Ryan reconsidering Speaker job


Issa says Ryan is reconsidering his decision not to seek the House speaker job and has support from many GOP members, included the House’s conservative Freedom Caucus.

[He has] a resounding amount of support [among Republican members].

Issa says he will consider the position if Ryan does not take it.

10 Aug, 2015

US to provide military training

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After his four-person bipartisan delegation meets with Buhari and military service chiefs, Issa says the U.S. is ready to provide military training to help Nigeria’s battle against Islamic extremists. He says Nigeria’s military is not outgunned by Boko Haram and needs training, not arms, to defeat the insurgents. This contradicts Buhari, who says that the United States is aiding Boko Haram by refusing to sell attack helicopters to Nigeria. Issa:

The number one thing we bring is professional training to help the Nigerian forces fight Boko Haram and to advise them how to treat insurgents and civilians captured in the war zone. [Nigeria’s military] doesn’t lack basic firearms … it lacks training in military strategy and in international and humanitarian laws. This is a military that was allowed to fall into disrepair during the previous administration. Morale is low when training is low.

He says Obama’s pledge to give whatever training is needed signals ‘a new day’ in U.S.-Nigeria relations.

4 Aug, 2015

US considers lifting Leahy Law

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Congressman Issa tells military authorities in the Nigerian capital Abuja that the US is considering whether to relax or completely lift the ban to improve Nigeria’s fight against Boko Haram.

This is because of the trust in the new regime which has begun the process of ensuring that the military’s professionalism in the battle field is made in a way that we all can be confident that the rule of law is followed. Following this development, we have begun the process of lifting restrictions under the Leahy Law but the vast majority of the support US provides will be given regardless of the restrictions.

4 Sep, 2014

Criticizes Healthcare.gov hack


Issa comments on the hack of the Healthcare.gov website, scheduling an appearance of key figures to a hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee:

Considering this administration launched Healthcare.gov over the objections of CMS, it’s unsurprising that the website has suffered a “malicious attack.” For nearly a year, the administration has dismissed concerns about the security of Healthcare.gov, even as it obstructed congressional oversight of the issue. … Tavenner must testify on the subject of transparency, accountability, and information security alongside the Government Accountability Office at our September 18th hearing.


14 Apr, 2011

State debt House Committee testimony


Walker appears before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in a hearing titled “State and Municipal Debt: Tough Choices Ahead,” arguing that his decision to take away collective bargaining rights helps governments balance budgets:

For us, we’re giving state and local governments the tools they need not just to balance the budget for the next two years but for generations to come.

Chairman Issa approves of Walker’s actions:

[His] bold reforms seem reasonable to those of us in Washington who understand that our retirement and health care system at the federal level is not subject to collective bargaining.

Committee Member Cummings disagrees:

I strongly oppose efforts to falsely blame middle-class American workers for these current economic problems. He went much further by attempting to strip government employees of their collective bargaining rights. He demanded numerous provisions that had nothing to do with the state’s budget, had no fiscal impact.

When asked how much money the state saved by taking away certain provisions in collective bargaining rights, Walker responds that it doesn’t.