Barbara CorcoranInterview

Huffington Post interview

2 Jun, 2011

Corcoran talks about two key moments in her business career. She realized there was more money in selling than renting:

One was when I accidentally sold an apartment rather than renting it. I was just planning to rent the apartment when the young engineer said that he wanted to buy, that’s what got me in the sales business. It wasn’t a big plan.

She later made enough profit to buy her parents cars:

The other wonderful thing that happened was one year I actually had $80,000 in profits. Probably had maybe 500 salespeople and I thought to myself, ‘I’ve got enough money to buy my mother and my father a new car.’ So, I bought him a Lincoln Continental — hey, what the heck, my dad dreamt about it his whole life — and I replaced my mother’s old rickety, old blue whatever-the-heck-it-was. And so, the idea that you could buy each of your parents a new car in one week and have it delivered was mindboggling, and I ended up going, ‘Whoa, maybe my business is actually a business.’

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