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12 Oct, 2012



Ben Afflec directs this movie and plays Mendez. He chronicles the life or death covert operation to rescue six Americans which unfolds behind the scenes of the Iran hostage crisis, the truth of which was unknown to the public for decades. Co-starring Allan Arkin, Victor Garber, Taylor Schilling, Bryan Cranston and John Goodman. About the movie:

Well, the movie is about kind of a sub-story in the larger drama of all the hostages and the whole takeover—Argo is just one small piece of that. The story itself was in Time magazine and is actually pretty well documented, but overall, it got kind of upstaged by the larger issue of the hostages. This incident in Argo happened on, like, Day 78 (The diplomats ultimately left Iran on Day 86), but it was on Day 444 that the hostages were released, so the events that we focus on in the movie were like this glimmer of hope that quickly subsided into the general malaise and depression about the fact that we had these people stuck over there and we couldn’t do anything about it

Argo Official TV Spot 1 [HD]: Ben Affleck Rescues Iranian Hostages With A Crazy Plan

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