Ben Affleck


1 Jul, 1998

Affleck stars in the Michael Bay-directed disaster epic as A. J. Frost, a member of a team of oil drillers sent into space to prevent an asteroid striking earth. After proving himself in space, A. J. is saved from a suicide mission by Harry Stamper, played by Bruce Willis, and marries Stamper’s daughter Grace, Liv Tyler. Billy Bob Thornton, Will Patton and Steve Buscemi co-star. On shooting an emotional scene with Willis:

People always shy away from showing all that much emotion. They’re afraid that if you get really upset that somehow that means you’re not cool or you’re not sufficiently heroic, but I thought Bruce is the hero, really, so I could have the opportunity to do that, and I thought why not.

Armageddon - Official® Trailer [HD]

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