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15 Dec, 2014

On Air interview

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Stiller gives an interview to Ryan Seacrest during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about working with Robin Williams in Night At The Museum: Seacrest Of The Tomb. 

I just feel really lucky that I had a chance to work with him at all. I was always a fan, since I was 12 or 13 from Mork & Mindy. He was a genius. So for me to have the chance to work with him. the first one, remember when we were making the first one and Shawn Levy, the director, said, We want to ask Robin Williams to be Teddy Roosevelt. I was like, Oh my God, that’s the best idea in the world. And I remember thinking, If he says no, we can’t do the movie because he is the perfect guy for that. And then he said yes and it was so exciting for me to have a chance to work with him. I felt like a fan around him. I never really lost that feeling.

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