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Netanyahu: Hamas leaders divided into two

20 Jul, 2014

Netanyahu tells Blitzer that there are two different groups of Hamas leaders, neither of whom are particularly concerned about the fate of Palestinian civilians. The military wing:

I mean, the Hamas leaders are divided into two.  Those who are under – in underground bunkers in Gaza, they don’t care.  Let the people there, you know, with the rocketeers and with the attack tunnels, let them die as Israel tries to surgically take them out.  But they’re safe underground, the military leaders.

He says Khaled Meshaal, the leader of the political wing, understands even less what the conflict is like for people with no option of leaving Gaza:

And then they have got the political leader, this guy Khaled Meshaal, who is roaming around five-star hotel suites in the Gulf states, having the time of his life, while his people, while he’s deliberately putting his people as fodder for this horrible terrorist war that they’re conducting against us. So this has to stop.  And I think many people in Gaza understand that Hamas is destroying Gaza, destroying their lives.

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