Bernie SandersInterview

Criticizes campaign coverage

24 May, 2015

In an appearance on CNN’s Reliable Sources¬†Sanders says:

In terms of campaign coverage, there is more coverage about the political gossip of the campaign, about raising money, about polling, about somebody saying something dumb, or some kid works for a campaign and sends out something stupid on Facebook, right? We can expect that to be a major story. But what your job is, what the media’s job is, is to say, ‘Look, these are the major issues facing the country.’ We’re a democracy. People have different points of view. Let’s argue it…I think that instead of coming up with the next news of the moment, ‘Breaking news! There was an automobile accident and a cat got run over,’ here’s breaking news: For 40 years the American middle lass has been disappearing and the rich have been getting richer. Why?

Bernie Sanders slams press for campaign coverage on CNN's Reliable Sources

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