Beyonce Knowles

Releases surprise album

12 Dec, 2013

beyonce-s-self-titled-albumBeyoncé releases a surprise self-titled album. The record is a “visual album” meaning each of the 14-tracks on the album are accompanied by their own music video. Pitchfork reports the track list includes collaborations with Jay-Z, Drake, Frank Ocean and daughter Blue Ivy.

Well it was many things, oh my God. It was so hard and I still ever single day I’ve gotten on my knees and thanked God that this happened. We went through a lot to keep it secret and to keep the surprise, because its something missing and its such a joy, I was able to experience growing up. And I really, really wanted to surprise people and for them to just hear the art in it and not be about the hype and the promotion. We actually did it.

Beyonce Talks About Her Visual Album: BEYONCÉ

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