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Claims Cosby drugged her

3 Dec, 2014

During a press conference in Los Angeles led by attorney Gloria Allred, Chelan claims that Cosby drugged, sexually assaulted her and then gave her 1,500, while she was working at the Las Vegas Hilton at age 17.

He gave me a blue pill, which he said was an antihistamine. He was rubbing my neck… he had me put on a Hilton robe, and said that someone from the Ford agency was coming to the suite, and that I should wet my hair. Mr. Cosby walked me to the bedroom after a second shot of amaretto. He said it would help my cold. I laid down. He laid next to me on the bed, and began pinching my left nipple, and humping on my leg while he was grunting… I couldn’t open my eyes… I felt something warm on my legs, and I blacked out. Hours later, I woke up to him clapping his hands and saying, ‘Daddy says wake up.’

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