Bill CosbyInterview

CNN interview

17 Feb, 2012

Cosby talks about his performance benefiting the Miles College Institutional Scholarship Fund in Birmingham, Alabama and how Whitney Houston’s death has affected him during an interview with CNN.

On Miles College:

Historically black colleges are so wonderful at taking people who may come from those neighborhoods where even the salutatorian, the valedictorian the top ten wind up remedial math, remedial English remedial writing. and way before there was any ADD and ADDHD letters that applied to or dyslexia. our colleges worked with our kids and soon they picked up and they were able to work at the alledas white schools that would accept them.

On Whitney Houston:

I wasn’t surprised because of the gossip around her trying to get to sobriety. Fighting health problems related to sedation or whatever it is. Its been bloated and we all routed for her. And so when the news came out that at age 48 she passed, it wasn`t  really a shock. It is a great obviously loss.

Bill Cosby on Whitney Houston and Miles College (February 17, 2012 )

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