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4 Dec, 2014

Billy Eichner interview


Eichner returns as a guest on Conan and talks about his opinions on possible Oscar Award nominees. He also discusses his admiration for Taylor Swift and performs an original song inspired by Swift’s songwriting.

Are there no jokes in outer space? Not a single joke. I wanted a laugh. It’s three, four hours long. And people say, you can’t combine sci-fi and comedy. Five words — “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.? OK?

Billy Eichner's Song For Taylor Swift - CONAN on TBS

4 Sep, 2014

‘Truly an inspiration’

Eichner reacts to the passing of Rivers:

Joan was truly an inspiration. She encouraged me long before anyone else and she did that for many comedians and writers she believed in. She was a joy to be around and she led a truly fabulous life. I will never forget her and will miss her terribly.

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