Bowe Bergdahl

Journal entries publicized

11 Jun, 2014

Passages from Bergdahl’s personal journal, along with numerous essays, stories, and emails are provided to the Washington Post by Bergdahl’s close friend, Kim Harrison. The texts reveal Bergdahl’s thoughts on war, himself, and plans for the future. There is no mention of the Taliban in any of the writings. Several days before disappearing from his base in Afghanistan, Bergdahl mailed to Harrison a package containing his laptop, journals, military records, and other personal effects. Harrison recently allowed the army to study the materials in the course of the Bergdahl investigation.

Compared to hell of the real wars of the past, we are nothing but camping boy scots. Hiding from children behind our heavy armored trucks and our c-wire and sand bagged operating post, we tell our selves that we are not cowards.

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