Bowe Bergdahl

Parents receive death threats

4 Jun, 2014

Bob and Jani Berghal receive emails containing death threats, with at least four are being investigated by the FBI. As a result of the threats, the couple is being provided with personal security, while members of their community continue to express support. Maggie Springer, who is helping organize Hailey’s Memorial Day Ceremony says of the event’s Facebook page:

There is just a huge array of venom that has inundated the page and unfortunately some of it does talk about physical harm in one form or another to the Bergdahls or the town itself. They go as far as to mention that Bowe should be put in front of firing squad, and that Bob should be put through the same.”

Hailey Police Chief Jeff Gunter tells Reuters:

We’ve always come together in tragedy or crisis, whether it be fire or one of our own being a prisoner of war. Whatever the problem is, the community will be there to help the people experiencing it.

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