Brad StevensButler BulldogsInterview

1070 the Fan in Indianapolis interview

12 Apr, 2010

Stevens discusses staying at Butler to coach:

At the end of the day, I am really fortunate to be in a place where we have every person in the building is on the same page and wants to all move in the same direction. Butler is a great place. The history of Butler and the tradition of Butler and everything like that are certainly easy things to sell, but it’s the people that separate it. I’ve got great people that I work for. We have great players in our locker room that, to be quite honest, I just like being around. I’ve sat quite a bit in many of those meetings with recruits and said, Hey, you make a decision based on fluff now, but at the end of your life, it’s about people you are around. So I tried to heed my own advice.

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