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1 Feb, 2003

Shooter Series interview 1


Jackson is interviewed by his friend Ratner. They talk about how Jackson would be inspired by the pioneer dancers such as Jackie Wilson and James Brown at the Apollo, his love of the sixties era. He also leaves a very profound message for all emerging artists to believe in theirselves as they pursue their dreams.

James Brown and Jackie Wilson made me cry. I never seen nothing like that. That kind of fever feeling, it was like on another higher spiritual plain. They were like in a trance and they had the audience in the palm of their hand. I just love how they could control them like that.

Michael Jackson - Private home interview (PART 2/2)


Shooter Series interview


Jackson is interviewed by his friend Ratner. They talk about what motivated Jackson to become a visionary, his first break into the music industry, the showtunes and albums that Jackson likes and dislikes. He also discusses how pioneers like Stevie Wonder, Jackie Wilson, the BeeGees, James Brown and Berry Gordy all pushed him to want to write his hits like Billie Jean, Beat It and Wanna Be Starting Down.

I want to work everyday. Just the idea of creating worlds. It’s like taking a canvas, an empty canvas you know, a clean slate and you paint. You just color and paint, you create worlds. I just love that idea. Anything and to have people see it and they’re awe inspired after they see it.

Michael Jackson Interview with Brett Ratner 1

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