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27 Oct, 2015

Highest earning dead celebrity

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Forbes says Jackson has earned more than $1 billion pre-tax since his death, which is more than enough to pay off his personal debts. in 2105 the estate made $115 million, in part from the Vegas Cirque du Soleil show Michael Jackson One, the Mijac Music catalogue, recorded music sales and half of Sony/ATV Music Publishing, which includes the rights to 250 Beatles songs.

27 Aug, 2014

56th Birthday Celebration


Jackson’s 56th birthday celebration in Gary, Indiana has been transformed to a three day festival event, initiated by his mother Katherine Jackson. The event titled The Michael Jackson Tribute Festival of the Arts is there to encourage other artists to reach their potential. Karvin Johnson, one of the event promoters, comments:

The main thing is to encourage kids that you can express yourself through art.

Another event promoter, Sharon Chamber comments:

I was just kind of hoping this becomes an annual thing… a national tribute to Michael.

7 Aug, 2014

Man claims child sexual abuse

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James Safechuck, claims that Michael Jackson sexually abused him as a child. The 36-year-old alleges the was abused by Jackson after the two appeared together in a late ’80s Pepsi commercial when Safechuck was 10 years old. He claims that Jackson had allegedly “brainwashed” him into believing that the incidents of sexual abuse were “acts of love,” and that, in 1988, during the Bad tour, Safechuck regularly shared Jackson’s bed and that the abuse continued until he reached puberty.

Howard Weitzman, an attorney for the Jackson estate, responded by saying that Safechuck’s claims should be dismissed.

Mr. Safechuck’s request to file a late claim against the Jackson Estate so he can recover money from Michael’s beneficiary will hopefully be rejected. This is a person that made his claim five years after Michael died, more than 20 years after the incidents supposedly happened and has given sworn testimony that Michael never did anything inappropriate to him.

Safechuck’s petition is scheduled to be heard Sept. 4.

1 Aug, 2014

Neverland Ranch for sale

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For the first time after being bought by Michael Jackson, Neverland Ranch is up for sale and could sell for up to $85m.

We’ve really just been custodians of an irreplaceable estate and are proud to say we’ve restored it to the original elegance Michael first envisioned. We are now considering putting it up for sale.

13 May, 2014


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aEpic Records and MJJ Music releases the second posthumous album Xscape by Jackson. Singles include Love Never Felt So Good, and A Place With No Name. Timbaland, executive producer:

This was very trying, not because it was just a Michael Jackson… kept hearing his voice, it was like, I’m doing Michael Jackson. It got emotional. I had to tell my engineer to stop — we gotta go to something else. It took about a week process to really grasp what I’m doing. And once I grasped what I’m doing, I had to call my mom for prayer like, I need some help, I need some guidance on this, ’cause this is hard

10 Dec, 2010


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aEpic Records and Sony Entertainment release the first posthumous complication album of unreleased tracks by Jackson titled Michael. Hit singles include Hold My Hand, Hollywood Tonight, Behind The Mask, and (I Like) The Way You Love Me. Brian Oxman, a lawyer for Joe Jackson states:

If Michael had wanted this music released he would have done so before his death. The songs which are being released on the new Michael Jackson album were unfinished and incomplete tracks that Michael said over and over many times he never wanted released. We should honor Michael Jackson’s wishes.

14 Jun, 2010

Wins Apollo Legend Award


Jackson wins the Apollo Legend Award. Chris Tuckers accepts the award on Jackson’s behalf.

10 Jan, 2010

Wins Barbados Music Awards


Jackson wins the Barbados Music Award for International Lifetime Achievement Award.

17 Dec, 2009

Wins Billboard Music of the 00’s poll


Jackson wins the Billboard Music Award for Billboard Spotlight Award for Invincible. This album is the only new material he released this decade.

22 Nov, 2009

Wins American Music Award

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Jermaine JacksonJackson wins AMAs for Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist, Favorite Soul/R&B Male Artist, Favorite Pop/Rock Album, and Favorite Soul/R&B Album. Jermaine Jackson accepts the awards and pays tribute by wearing a sparkly white glove. Jermaine:

First of all, I would like to thank Allah, for blessing our entire family. It’s not just about the winnings, the awards – it’s really the message. The message that Michael had will live forever, and that’s there’s good in everyone. Start with love, and let’s love each other… We love you, Michael.

28 Oct, 2009

Michael Jackson’s This Is It

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Michael Jackson’s This Is It is documentary-concert film directed by Ortega. It documents Jackson’s rehearsals and preparation for the concert series, Michael Jackson’s This Is It. The series is cancelled June 25th due to Jackson’s death and it is the last film he starred in. Jackson’s family tried to stop the movie from being released. La Toya:

Michael always wants to give his best. This is a rehearsal. He wasn’t giving his all. He loves to give his all always. That’s just the way he is. He wants people to see him at the top of the ladder and not half-stepping because he doesn’t want to do a full-out rehearsal.

Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT Official HD Trailer

8 Aug, 2009

ABC interview

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Jackson is interviewed by ABC about his life and his 50th birthday.

I am still looking forward to doing a lot of great things, so that’s hard. I think the best is yet to come, in my true humble opinion.

ABC Interview with Michael Jackson on His 50th Birthday (8-29-2008)

13 Jul, 2009

People cover

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jacksonJackson appears on the cover of People after dying weeks before his concerts in London were to take place. There were allegations that drug use was involved in Jackson’s death. Source:

Janet was on the phone, but siblings Randy, Jackie and Rebbie were there. Michael got pissed off. He said he wasn’t on drugs. Jackson also drank and took straight morphine, Valium, Xanax, Demerol and OxyContin. It could happen any minute.

7 Jul, 2009

Reveals why she had Jackson’s children

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In an interview with ABC News, Rowe reveals for the first time why she had Jackson’s children.

I believe there are people who should be parents, and he’s one of them. And he is such a fabulous man, and such a good friend, and he’s always been there for me, always, from the day I met him,


1 Apr, 2009

Wins Golden Elephant Award


Jackson is given a golden elephant as an award for his work in fighting AIDS in Africa. The award ceremony is held at the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington D.C., and is presented by AASA (African Ambassadors’ Spouses Association).

This is beautiful. This is a wonderful occasion. I’ve been going to Africa since I was 12 years old, and I take my child on vacation there.

AASA Humanitarian Award Presentation Michael Jackson 2004

4 Sep, 2008

Wins BMI Urban Award


Jackson wins the BMI Urban Award for BMI Icon Award for The Jacksons.