Bruno MarsInterview

Jealous of Winehouse

19 Dec, 2012

In an Associate Press interview Mars talks about  how he was jealous of Amy Winehouse

I felt like everything I’ve been saying, everything I wanted to do, she did it… It was perfect.You couldn’t put it in a box ’cause it could be played on rock stations, it could be played on rhythmic stations, it could be played on pop radio, and I’ve always wanted to make music like that — that could be spread out, and can’t be pigeon-held to one thing.

And Unorthodox Jukebox:

I was not thinking about business or radio or politics, just doing what I love to do and that’s creating music. Whether it be a reggae song, rock song, a love song, the main thing was just to, whatever I was feeling, to try to capture that emotion.

I feel like you have to constantly keep proving yourself, and you have to constantly keep getting out there and showing them you’re more than just that one song on the radio that’s just playing. And that’s what I had to do the first time around; I had to keep going out there and keep performing live.


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