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19 Aug, 2014

Family asks Norway to deny burial request

Kasem’s family asks the government of Norway to deny his wife’s request to have him buried in Oslo, Norway. In a letter to Norway officials obtained by NBC News, 20 of Kasem’s relatives and friends claim Kasem never spoke of a desire to be buried in Norway and always wanted his final resting place to be in his hometown, Los Angeles. The letter, in part, reads:

As beautiful as your country is, our father has never spoken of any desire to be buried in Norway either to us or to his friends. Do not be fooled into believing his wife, Jean Kasem, who abandoned and isolated him during the last year of his life in favor of her boyfriend, John Paul Gressy.

15 Aug, 2014

To be buried in Norway

Danny Deraney, a publicist for daughter Kerri Kasem, tells The Associated Press that Kasem’s wife, Jean, plans to bury Kasem in Norway. Kasem’s children work with a private investigator to see what can be done to stop an overseas burial. A date is not decided for the burial.

19 Jul, 2014

Body missing

Kerri Kasem, the radio host’s daughter, claims Kasem’s body is missing. Kerri’s publicist claims that Casey’s wife, Jean Kasem, has removed her husband’s body from a funeral home in Washington state.

We are not surprised. We expected something like this to happen.

8 Aug, 1987

America’s Top 10 interview


Jackson is interviewed by Kasem, who asks him about his origins in Gary, Indiana, his obsession with the word “magic”, the film’s that inspire him to create his work. They also ask Jackson about alternative career choices if he was not doing music.

When I see magic, I mean wonderment, that excitement, escapism, another world. There are other people that do that sort of thing like Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney. For the spectator it’s exciting, it’s entertaining, it’s joy, it’s love. I like to create magic, myself, I love magic.


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