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CDC security failures

9 Jul, 2015

A report shows CDC fails to prevent power outages between January 2013 and July 2014, leading to staff evacuation to prevent pathogen exposure. The report indicates one incident in Building 23 of Atlanta, Georgia where a lightning strike lead to airflow failures, the inability to open hallway doors, and loss of phone communication. The report also includes instances of worker pathogen exposure by needles, maintenance workers opening doors to restricted areas, and malfunctions in gear that protect scientists from pathogens. However, the report lacks comprehensive details. Biosafety Consultant:

This is not a comprehensive list. I look at these documents, and it’s very clear to me that leadership has not defined for the workforce what is a reportable incident or accident.

Colorado Representative:

It is unacceptable that the CDC, our nation’s premier institution committed to preventing the spread of infectious disease, has not resolved these problems after years of oversight and attention. It is more vital than ever that the CDC, from leadership on down, commit to a strategy that will prevent future lapses in safety.

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