Chael SonnenInterview

Talk is Jericho interview

15 Aug, 2014

Sonnen is a guest on Talk is Jericho to discuss UFC, loving professional wrestling and trying out for WCW. Jericho:

UFC legend Chael Sonnen is the best trash talker in the UFC/MMA world… maybe even in sports, period! And he’s giving lessons on Talk Is Jericho! He’s also chatting about his love of pro-wrestling, Ric Flair, Y2J, and Anderson Silva (WTF?)! He’s got stories about his one-time WCW tryout, the details on his 2-year worldwide suspension from fighting, his future plans which may or may not include WWE, and why you might want to pay extra attention to the 2016 Olympic games! Chael is running his mouth… in the best possible way with Y2J! Check it out now!

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