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Charles Dance is an English actor, writer and director notable for his roles in The Jewel in the Crown, Last Action Hero, For Your Eyes Only and as Lord Tywin Lannister in the television series Game of Thrones. He was born in 1946 in Redditch, in the county of Worcestershire,and attended school and art college in the city of Plymouth. He was awarded an Order of the British Empire in 2006 after more than three decades in film, television and the stage.

3 Oct, 2014

Dracula Untold

In this dark fantasy action movie filmed and first screened in Northern Ireland, Dance plays the part of Master Vampire. Vlad, the king of Transylvania (Luke Evans) is on a mission to defeat an army of invading Turks. His only hope of victory is to transform himself into a vampire, by drinking some of the Master Vampire’s blood. Charlie Cox is originally cast for the role, and when Dance replaces him, all the Master Vampire scenes have to be re-shot.

I came into this really at the end of the shoot – I don’t know what had gone before – but this was an afterthought, which is great, I mean that’s fine [smiles]. But we met and talked about it and this notion of a kind of Faustian pact, between Vlad and this funny old bastard who’s been down in a cave for a thousand years, appealed somewhat.

Dracula Untold - Official Trailer (HD)

19 Sep, 2014

Games of Thrones season five cameo

Dance reveals he will make a brief appearance as Tywin  Lannister in the fifth season of Game of Thrones. Since Tywin died in the Season 4, Dance will appear only as Tywin’s dead body on display.

There’s talk of eventually trying to do a feature film, but I don’t know which of the storylines. There’s so much to cram into a film.



1 Sep, 2014

Rugby World Cup promo video

In a promotional video directed by Peter Cattaneo, Dance gives a nearly three-minute pep talk to his country’s national rugby team for the World Cup that is to be held next year in England. Also featured in clip are  current and former Rugby stars, most notably from South Africa, Australia and France.

I’m standing here looking at a sea of faces, showing every sort of emotion. Because I’m looking at a team. Not just any team, I’m looking at the team. There will be pain and there will be blood. But as we turn to one another we know that each and every one of us will deliver. Because we are a team that knows that it doesn’t get any bigger than this.

Rugby World Cup 2015 - Team Talk

20 Oct, 2012

Dance, Boorman split

Dance and Boorman split up. Boorman is said to have moved out of their house and she is living in an apartment. Source:

The relationship has been under strain for some time.The split between them is amicable. Eleanor is in and out of the house in London all the time.

12 Mar, 2012

Misses birth

Dance is not able to be at the hospital for the birth of his new daughter, and just six days later flies to South Africa to film a new movie. Boorman:

Charles was filming, but he came down straight away. He has helped with the nursery and bought a plethora of lovely things.

5 Mar, 2012

Rose Boorman born


Dance and Boorman welcome Rose Otilie Aaryanna to the world. The healthy girl is born at at London’s Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, weighing 6 pounds, 3 ounces. Boorman:

Mother and baby are doing very well. I am now in Cheltenham with the baby…who is absolutely gorgeous and a delight. Only Charles and my family have seen the baby.

24 Nov, 2011

Announces pregnancy

At 65, Dance announces that  he will be a father again. He is expecting a child with 39 year old girlfriend Eleanor Boorman :

We’re expecting a baby. Fingers crossed everything will be fine. We’re both thrilled.

Regarding become a father for the third time at such an advanced age:

I feel 35. I behave 25.

24 Sep, 2010

Dance, Boorman engaged

Charles Dance finally decides to make his relationship with girlfriend Joanna Boorman permanent, and announces that the couple is engaged. A wedding is expected to take place before the end of the year, and will be a small and private event.

I have got used to the bachelor life over the last six years so now I am in the process of de-bachelorising myself – but it will happen shortly.

1 Feb, 2004

Dance, Haythorn Divorce

After thirty-one years of marriage and two mutual children, Charles Dance and Joanna Haythorn divorce.

I can’t blame “the business” for the breakdown of my marriage. I don’t want to talk about it.

I feel 35. I behave 25.


Dance, Haythorn Marry


Charles marries  Joanna Haythorn. Charles:

Marriage stabilized me. Jo is by nature an optimist, I’m much more of a pessimist and it’s a turbulent relationship. ‘But it’s lasted and will last, and that’s about all I can say. I think people stay married because they want to, it’s as simple as that.

10 Oct, 1946

Charles Dance born in Redditch, England


Charles Dance is born in Redditch in  son of engineer Walter and Eleanor, nee Perks, who works in domestic service. His father dies when he is four. His mother remarries and the family settles in Plymouth. His mother is focused on work:

My mother was from the East End of London, the youngest of four children. She went into service at 14, worked all her life and married above her station when she met my father.

His childhood allows little scope for artistic creativity:

There was no music in the place, very few books….And I couldn’t wait to get out.

He attends Widey Technical School for Boys and his brother Michael, who is ten years older than him, joins the armed forces.

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